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An intimate, unflinching portrait of Whitney Houston and her family that probes beyond familiar tabloid headlines and sheds new light on the spellbinding trajectory of Houston’s life. Oscar®-winning filmmaker Kevin Macdonald unravels the mystery behind “The Voice,” who thrilled millions even as she struggled to make peace with her own troubled past.

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  1. Robert Lee, Countertenor

    Not to burst anyone's bubble – but I have a source who knows people who knew Whitney very closely and she insisted that Whitney was an incredibly MEAN SPIRITED person. Incredibly mean spirited, very dark soul.

  2. Stephen Cunningham

    Can I be in punished

  3. Stephen Cunningham

    O man

  4. How did LA not know about her drug addiction. But the rest of the world did?🤔😏

  5. Take out the n and you get whitey.

  6. kamarley young boxer boy

    My favorite singer in the Whole Wide World RIP Whitney…you were Loved💜❤

  7. This is a good movie

  8. God bless Robyn. I hope she's happy.

  9. My rental never played. I kept trying to send that problem form, but it would not send. If I didn't' have a gift card balance that I purchased, I would never rent or buy anything they offer.

  10. I've learned so much about fighting my own demons by watching Whitney's life. It doesn't matter how talented and famous you are, if you don't get ahold of your inner demons and if you don't have a healthy, loving support system around you, you will not survive life. I looked at Whitney and saw my own demise, thank you Whitney for inspiring me to get my life together… it's been a long journey but it is worth EVERY step. Sleep in peace angel 😇

  11. I'm so glad to have seen this movie, but IT'S A SHAME that the main people who were the main part of her problems(Family) didn't finally step up and Admit what Part They Played In her Downfall( Gary, Pat & Clive Davis). But GOD KNOWS EVERYTHING.I think that if Robin was still in her life she would probably still be here. I felt so Bad for Bobby Christina!, She never ever had a LIFE😢😢😢😢🙏🙏🙏🙏

  12. If only i could have met her just once..

  13. I finally was able to watch this movie. It was heart wrenching to see all the heartache she endured throughout her career. When she recorded "I Look to You and "I didn't know my own strength". My first thought was Lord what profound lyrics in both of these singles. It seems as she was still screaming for help and no one still didn't hear them through these powerful lyrics. Today, these both singles send a huge message that people find other avenues to still get help, and Clive Davis certainly missed the boat on this again. Such a huge disappointment he didn't understand these powerful lyrics and her continues cry for help. I listen to both these singles when days are dark and life is overwhelming, and to know I can listen to them during these times, I can certainly hold my head high, and get renewed strength to get thru the day. RIP, Whitney. And thank you for giving us the greatest gift of love leaving us with these two powerful and profound 2 singles to renew our own personal faith and turn to Him and know He will not let us crumble.

  14. Whitney’s brother is a good singer but as a person, he ain’t shit.

  15. Miss Marilyn Diggs

    Whitney is dead because people thought she was perfect! Well she wasn't! She just wanted to sing. Yes she made bad choices but she should be remembered for who she was not how she died. So many people used her and all she should have done was held onto her faith and let God handled the rest! Let the woman rest. God is her only judge now.

  16. Robyn STILL has Whitney's back even in death. Whitney's brothers and Pat are money hungry bums. Still trying to live the good life. Get a real fucking job for once. You're the nobody's!

  17. She sounded magical singing I Love The Lord…

  18. The dad said, ' no, u don't have to go to rehab'? Reminds me of that Any Whinehouse song, Rehab.

  19. Bobby is gross.

  20. Bobby should've been mentioned in the Me Too Movement.

  21. Grooming someone for stardom from one's childhood is a dangerous proposition. Case in point.

  22. So Whitney and her oldest brother were molested by her Aunt Dee Dee when they were youngsters?

  23. 25:54 Prince is in the audience.

  24. Interesting. This documentary doesn't address Whitney's miscarriage.

  25. @D. Brown u are right… Age don't mean a thing.

  26. Tears in my eyes flowing hurting my spirit because Whitney Houston should still be here I'm not God and I know he knew what was best for her but it still hurts like hell and sometimes I just feel like it's not fair I did not go to the show to watch this movie because I was afraid of what would be revealed but I did buy it the movie on YouTube and I'm glad I get to see this movie to some degree I thought it would make me feel better but it actually made me feel worse I have been a fan from day one and I will always be a fan to the day I die

  27. you have to wonder what would have happened if this had all happened now given how much more acceptable it is to be gay. If Whitney had just been with Robyn..

  28. Oh my god. I’m not even 1/3 of the way thru this movie, and I need to stop and take a break. I idolized Whitney Houston through my teen years and beyond….. I thought I knew all of what she was, after watching every single interview and all episodes of “Being Bobby Brown”, and just loving all of her and all she was. But this is a lot to take from someone you loved and idolized. Not sure I can finish the rest because my heart is breaking for her so much, but especially for Bobbi Kris’s… who never ever had a chance at a normal life, who from birth should have been able to have her parents give her the normalcy she deserved, that every other child had gotten…. a chance to go to school with kids her age, to play sports, or be in Girl Scouts, or just do the same things kids her age do. This whole thing just breaks my heart. To hear sweet that her sweet Aunt Bae cared for her close to full time just kills me. I know how addiction feels. I know that people choose their drug of choice over their children all the time. That is the power that addiction has over those who are addicted. It is the saddest of life circumstances anyone could imagine. All anyone can do is pray for these souls, because its only by Gods grace they will be able to overcome their addictions or other afflictions that are binding them to be unable to break free.

  29. Just a sad ending to a such a gifted individual R.I.P great documentary

  30. so true and sad about Chrissy needing stability vs growing up on the road, when Whitney grew up she had her brothers when her Mother would leave and go on tour, they stayed back and did kids things. Chrissy didnt have siblings to keep her child like and company. So sad. What a life she chose blessed but cursed. Really LA Reid she was a ghost of her former self, you never thought there was an issue when she couldnt deliver on time.

  31. Robyn and Mrs. Cissy really had Whitney's best interest over some of her other family members. They wanted the best for her. They was not getting high with her. They tried to help her , but it seems as though the rest of them didn't. She was the supplier for all of the get high. So very sad.

  32. Everybody blames Bobby Brown because if it wasn't for him she wouldn't have been on drugs and died but the truth is her death is on her brother's hands he introduced the drug in the May Han her death is on her family hands they introduce the life in the selfishness and tore her down and everyone that loved her took her away from them and made her feel that all she was was her voice poor Whitney

  33. Out of everyone I'm starting to notice with every movie and interview done about Whitney that's the only person that does not have anything to see to say or anything else about the situation is Robin so it seems to me that she's not an opportunistic she's actually the only one who throughout Whitney's life kept Whitney's business private she doesn't speak on their relationship and if Whitney was there with her that means this woman Whitney Hold Her Image up to in my eyes the best person in Whitney's life was not her family nor friends nor fence fans it was Robin just saying that one wasn't a ride or die and after death because even after Whitney's death you still have not heard or seen of her