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  1. Rip Bernie

  2. Lols nigga stole his watch at the end 😂😂😂😂😂 gotta love this movie

  3. Didn't know YouTube had movie i thought it had to be in multiple short videos

  4. This flic is so underrated I fucking LOVE it!! Four geniuses in Martin, Bernie, DeVito and Leguizamo. RIP Bernie Mac

  5. zombie because of life

    KKK send negro to their zoo.

  6. Hank Rutherford Hill

    Fuck boston 👌

  7. Martin is the Best. The entire cast was Great. This was a Great Throwback Film.

  8. R.i.p B.M

  9. Funny actor cute lady

  10. *reading title* going to school

  11. Welcome back!!!

  12. That movies is so funny the cast is great they don’t do it like that anymore… they need to. Whoooo!!!!!!!! Love it!

  13. Good ass movie and I have a aid blocker software ahah 1 point for me 0 YouTube….

  14. Who tf is running YouTube rn??

  15. sub nice video like

  16. Tardio(William Fichtner ) looks like he could of played Willie wonker😂😂😂😂😂

  17. Who's the girl with the accent?😊😍

  18. Daily Ms. September 😂😂😂

  19. Martin was in his prime of his career round this time

  20. That's why politicians don't want felon's voting duh

  21. CLASSIC martin lawrence

  22. tha w tha h tha a tha t tha ' tha s tha w tha o tha r tha s tha t tha t tha h tha a tha t tha c tha o tha u tha l tha d tha h tha a tha p tha p tha e tha n tha ?

  23. Everything is great, just would be nice to add dates of the release of the movie. Just some cents thrown around. Keep it up.

  24. Whiteman smallJohnson… lol best name ever hahahaha


  26. still watching this in 2019😆😆😆

  27. Damn, came here to see if this was legit and ended up watching the whole movie lol

  28. aint neva satisfied

    Haha, shii still funny

  29. Never seen this movie until now. Pretty good movie

  30. What is this ..the story of a dead guy.. on the bottom of the ocean.😭😭😂😂 19:01

  31. Does it count if they get more than pewdipie I means it’s not fair cuz well it’s YOUTUBE soooooooooooooooooooo?

  32. What's the worst that could happen if you watch this movie? You'll be moderately entertained. lol Pun intended.

  33. Also, Thank you for the free movie. I want to watch it on my TV, but if I do not cancel in 30 days I do not want to be charged.

  34. I keep seeing ads for YouTube try a month for free, but $40.00 a month after I just cannot do. I have two questions. Can I download the app on my TV for free plus watch free movies? Also, lets say in the future I decide to purchase YouTube TV; do you have packages or just the $40.00 per month? Netflix's even though the price increase in still within my price range. Oh one more question, are you making movies like Netflix?

  35. So nobody seen the drawing on the wall lord Jesus the signs have always been in our face

  36. oops there goes another rubber tree plant

  37. yyyyooooo devvvvito lol

  38. Thank you for making this available. I forgot this was made, but it is so good. There not making movies with comedy and brains like this type in 2018

  39. the ring was still on him even after he threw it lmao!

  40. Nice movie love Martin

  41. masseuse had dat ass tho

  42. Great! A free movie about a criminal. Why celebrate thieves?

  43. David best freidn for life

  44. ResidentEvil302 rican215

    Im so happy this is free i love this movie the best on here so far..damn miss September is badd as hell

  45. # Always a classic

  46. God I hate kissing sounds in movies. Sounds like two cows going at it!

  47. This movie is sappy and stupid.. I rolled my eyes so many times!