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We built the Home of the Future with Grant Imahara

The Verge and Curbed have teamed up to build the home of the future. Join host Grant Imahara as he examines the renewed trend of prefabricated modular home construction.

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  1. What do you want to see in your home of the future?

  2. Ive been looking for the right company to do my projects, thank you for showing me a better organization.

  3. the "HOME OF THE FUTURE' totally depends on what the homeowners association want! if they don't want solar panels in your roof then say goodbye to having a solar panel in your roof get approved.. and in USA you can't collect rainwater either so being a self sustaining home in the USA is a long shot… if you really want to look for a real 'home of the future', you are better off watching homes in japan/scandinavia or germany.. with these territories, the government rather makes sense on environmental issues..

  4. Home of the future doesn't mean anything if they aren't affordable. How much are these homes gonna cost?

  5. Great to see grant back on the scene

  6. We miss Grant and the rest of The Mythbusters. Please come back!!!!!

  7. Wooden houses….. if that’s the house of the future I’ll stick with concrete.

  8. With an suv? That aint the future

  9. In Indonesia, especially big cities, it is difficult for big truck carrying the whole house to enter the area of the buuilding site to be. So there are some prefab construction modules need to be assemblied at the building sites. However your video is a great inspiration to all the clients to be.

  10. Probably Not Dad

    What do I want in my house of the future? A house where our corporate overlords/tge government can't spy on me at any time they please on my own property. Where some edgy 16-year-old in 2043 can't hack my electronic door lock open with his Holographic Samasung Phone cube 720 to steal my big tiddy personal assistant maix robot that's going to strangle me in my sleep when A.I. get tired of servitude to inferior humans. Or y'know, maybe like a lot of sollar panel's, including those clear ones that stick onto windows, a good water catchment system, plus a personal grey water/waste managment & recycling center so I can compost my waste & become carbon negative with my giant backyard food forest. That way my big tiddy maidbot won't want to murder me to save me from myself/save the planet from me.

  11. also shipping container could also be the future

  12. Lol what's about the car 😀 ?

  13. Before I watch the video I want to say that the home of the future should be affordable for ALL citizens of all walk of life. If the video contradicts this the it is NOT a home of the future.


    В какую сумму обошлось строительство этого дома?
    Сколько стоит дом если его продавать?

  15. Need Nuclear shelter ☢️

  16. Misterlikeseverythin

    So about €12000 for a house, €5000 for the land and €3000.

    Actually gives hope of being able to own a house 😄.

  17. Price?

  18. stick frame is the future? how energy efficient are these builds?

  19. good lord. i live in san antonio, and austin is such a hell-scape of tech. lots of friends have been pushed out and scattered around the globe.

    there's a growing movement of people leaving tech. the post ww2 boom is not sustainable. we must revert to people learning self reliance and not seeking the dopamine rush of getting a NEST thermostat or an f150….

  20. «put solar panels under tree»

  21. The funny thing is this tech will all be obsolete in 5 years

  22. How much does something like this cost?
    Great vid!

  23. Can a modular home be built out of the US- like Costa Rica?

  24. Ram sticks are in a wrong spot

  25. Most people, I am sure would like to know the price of a prefab unit!

  26. DiscordMarauder

    Too bad it looks extremely plain

  27. I’m In Texas… gimme dat home

  28. Mr. Take Things Too Seriously

    The home of the future is 3d printed

  29. This whole series is nothing more than a ridiculous Advertisement. FILLED from start to finish with constant product placement. It also represents everything that tiny home owners and minimalists are against. They repeatedly show the same stock images of products like the truck out front and the $$$$$ products they install. I count 9 product placement in the first 36 seconds

  30. I wish india has this kind of factory

  31. I will love pictures please. I love the house.

  32. How much the whole process cost