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WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!! Guys! We did it! We found our dream home! Telling you guys all about our home buying experience! Thank You L’Oreal Paris for partnering with me on today’s video! Sharing when our house will be done, what house we bought, and showing you the design studio to design our dream home! Give this video a THUMBS UP if you liked it!

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Watch our last house hunting video and see the house we are buying!

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Hey guys! Today’s video is all about the end of the search for our dream home!! We were living in California last year when we found out that Cody got into the law school he wanted to transfer to and we had 2 weeks to move to Chicago. Cody had recently sold his condo in Chicago, so we quickly found a rental place we could move into. Now that we know we will be in the Chicago area for the next few years, we started to look into buying a home. Today’s video is all about how we FOUND our dream home- and we bought a house!!

In our last house hunting vlogs, we were looking at 2 bedroom condo’s in the city. Since finding out I’m pregnant and that we’re expecting a new baby in the fall, our strategy hanged a little bit! We were looking at bigger houses that can fit our growing family for years to come. We want something that was big enough for our family, as well as if either of our families want to come over and stay with us. We think we found it!

We ended up buying house #2 from our last house hunting video- sort of. We’re going with a building company that has set floor plans you can choose from [so not totally custom- we’re not designing the layout or the windows etc] but we can fully design all of the finishes in the interior- the kitchen, the floors, the finishes, the paint, the hardware, etc. We’re getting to build our dream home and watch it from the start to finish! As of now, our new home should be done by mid September.

If you guys liked this house hunting vlog make sure to give it a thumbs up and leave me a comment! This helps me to know what type of videos you like to watch / want to see more of! We have more homes to look through so let me know if you’d like me to film those too!

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  14. So happy for you Carly! We are building a custom home this year too and I tell you, it's the small details like baseboard height or door handles that you forget about the most in a home. That is why I'm big into making vision boards on Pinterest, so I can just pull it up at the design center and build off of my wish list. Can't wait for a tour! I also can't wait to find out if it's a little boy or girl. My guess is girl, but it's anyone's guess!

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