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Canon G7X ii


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  1. Gurgica Godzirov

    I believe this is the exact opposite of a minimalistic living room.

  2. wow I love your place ❤️😍 it feels comfy and homey

  3. Ocean in Japanese is Umi うみ:)

  4. I like your idea of using a basket to hold your couch blankets.

  5. Consider a magnet strip or magnet button type item for the wardrobe door if its annoying that its always lolling open.

  6. how can someone love bumblebees, I am freaking terrified of those hairy flying things 😭😭

  7. Your a Sweetheart and a Good house keeper too!!

  8. what about hanging ivy for that empty pot?

  9. Looks great, very calm and peaceful. What about a little ivy plant for your hanging holder?

  10. Nice light in your place. I'm wondering…how don't you have any books or a book case? We are a book loving family and I'm an English teacher. We have a bookshelf in each room of our apartment. Also, where do you put your mail, papers, photos, and other odds and bobs that you need? You seem minimalist to me. No need to explain. Your place is really nice.

  11. What kind of laptop computer does soph have on her desk. The shell / design on the cover is what I'm really curious about. It is really looks great. I'm more of a full tower PC guy. The current trend in tower computer cases is usually a combination of metal alloy, plastic(s), and glass. I'm certainly not a minimalist but stumbling upon this video has definitely given me something to think about with my own living space. The following is a link to my current computer case = http://www.thermaltakeusa.com/Chassis/Full_Tower_/Core/C_00003076/Core_V71_Tempered_Glass_Edition/design.htm
    I would be interested in hearing ideas in computer cases that would be closer to eco friendly (materials) and minimalist.

  12. I would love to see a tour of your bedroom space! The style of your living space is absolutely incredible.

  13. You should move those grapes to a place where the cat can't get them. Grapes are toxic to cats and dogs.

  14. I'm not sure if you currently have a cat or not, as I saw the cat tree, and I just watched your indoor plants video, but the Lilly family, including peace lilies are poisonous for cats.

  15. I love your space. Quick question—where do you keep your cat's water bowl? How do you manage the wetness around it? Thanks.

  16. i'd love to see a tour of your bedroom or kitchen! also, i love your whole space, it's very nice

  17. Aw…. u a sooo pretty 🌹

  18. Can you talk about your whole projector setup situation and your reasons? Do you think it is working really well for your lifestyle? I’m moving into a new place soon and i am considering not getting a tv (we will only be using it for streaming movies online. No cable or anything). The projector idea intrigues me. My partner and i enjoy movies a lot so i am wondering if a tv or projector would be more ideal. Thoughts?

  19. What a beautiful space! It's so bright and green.

    A spider plant would be perfect for your hanging basket, and they're pretty hard to kill.

  20. Janice LuvsStarbux

    My journey after recently moving to an apartment from a home is leading me to let go of some clutter. Problem is I hate to dust and add shelving. I have 35 years of sentimental gifts and some art and photos I move around. I slowly work on donating clothing or things I know other people need. I just have some pottery pieces and vases I just can't give up. So for now that's that. New subbie. Thanks for sharing your thoughts…💞

  21. Sophie, i also have a cat and trying to be zero waste the cat litter worries me, have you found a better solution? I currently use clay cat litter which is also wrapped in plastic 🙁

  22. It's hard to keep up being tidy because I'm only starting to declutter everything and i'm happy but my partner is a hoarder so… Hahaha good things take time ehhh!

  23. It is distressing to me that anyone would criticize your version of minimalism. I appreciate so much that you are sharing your journey. It is a challenge to live with others who may not share your goals. Thanks for the effort you go to to bring us your ideas!

  24. I honestly love your space! Too often we see one style in minimalism: all white, bare surfaces, etc. Your space seems to only have what is functional and what fills you with joy, so you are a minimalist–no explanation necessary. I can relate much more to your space because I value surrounding myself in comfort, beauty, color and don't often see the more cozy/homey style represented. Kudos to people who like the bare look, but sometimes other minimalist spaces are less obvious and that's okay 🙂

  25. english ivy maybe ?

  26. I love that tea towel! 😍

  27. Love the tip about incense sticks. I haven't used mine for a while because of the mess they make; just about to go and get them out from the back of the cupboard now! Thank you

  28. What about glueing magnets to make the wardrobe actually close? It would drive me mad as well ahahah

  29. Hey Sophie! I have a question that I hope you can help answer. I really need some new cooking utensils (big spoons, a spatula, etc), but I really don't feel comfortable using the wood ones. The wooden ones we had growing up ALWAYS had splinters and I don't want that getting into my food. I also know I shouldn't use metal ones, because then I'll scratch up all my pans.

    What do you think I could use that would still be zero waste and not have these issues?? Thanks 🙂

  30. grace stainthorpe

    Hi! whats the ball thing in the jar of water on the chest of draws?

  31. Juliana Stradley

    Hoya's are beautiful plants that like a snug pot and trail nicely in hanging pots. And the blooms are sweet smelling.

  32. Hey one thing you can try for your cat, if you haven’t already is a raw food diet. It’s super super good for them 🙂
    And if you happen to read this at about 7:05 what is that in the bowl? I can’t quite understand your accent and id love to find out more about whatever it is!

  33. It looks lovely and everything you have you use and/or love. Perfect!

  34. Spider plant would do well in ur window hanger☺

  35. I understand the sharing. my husband is not a minimalist and I have to remind myself sometimes that I should give him freedom to own things 😛

  36. love it 🙂

  37. Emelia Söderlund

    Your content is so astetically pleasing! Looking forward to the e-book even more after the sneak peak 🙂 And thumbs up for the inclusive language (partner instead och boyfriend). + Last thing, I liked the desicion to not add any music. It works well without :p

  38. TheLyricalHorror

    I just brought a string of pearls plant into my space and hopefully I can get it thriving! They're beautiful and I've had a lot of luck with succulents in the past. I love the feeling of green plants hanging down around my work space 🙂