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Yes, just as the title suggests, this is the unofficial version of my home tour. We’ve just moved in, still have a lot of things to change, but a friend of mine had me chuckling at the idea of having a home that was “too minimalist” so I figured it would be fun to share my home as I grow it into what I hopefully foresee it to be.

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  1. This splendid frugal space calls for at least one huge artwork on the walls. Leaves the floor uncluttered, by the way…

  2. Stress Stealer ASMR

    Did you bring the fountain on the bathroom with you on the plane?

  3. That’s all u need!! Looks perfect as is 🙂

  4. Rocio Monserrátt

    love it-don't change a thing 😌

  5. short tour!:)

  6. I doubt I will ever get to this point but it does look relaxing and I'm pretty sure moving was an absolute breeze. The last time we moved, we had a large truck full of stuff, used my small SUV to make several trips and then still had to rent a small truck the next day to finish. I never want to do that again….EVER. I have been diligently purging ever since but I swear, the more I get rid of, the more I see. It's insane.

  7. Very nice. And it looks like you actually have quite a bit of closet space! My kitchen is always the most cluttered area too. When we downsized, we lost a lot of square footage in the kitchen and we're still getting used to it. Have to make keeping it tidy a priority or it just gets out of hand so fast.

  8. My Views Your Thoughts

    Look fantastic to me. Cheers 🙂

  9. hello my name is julia I am a minimalist from bay area California and you inspired me tremendously to go minimalist and also vegan. I love your videos and I hope u have the chance to read this . please follow me on Instagram @leafjules that would really make my day happy sending u love on tour new journey in your new home 😊 sending you love 💖

  10. Loving your tiny home . I think it's just the right amount of space. As for ideas try some fun lighting . Wallmart has some cool globe lights that your string across the wall. They also have them in stars too. A few live plants and maybe some bright paint . I'm a fellow Canadian 🙂

  11. I think it's perfect! ^^ Oh, and since you mentiod you two love cooking and I only saw 1 plant, maybe you could buy mint or some other herbs which can be used for cooking and grow it as a decorative plant at the same time ^^

  12. I am just curious as to only the one pillow lol.

  13. ForgiveAndLove09

    Your space is great! Thanks for sharing. It will be fun to create systems that work for your lifestyle. That usually doesn't come to me right away. I enjoy seeing things evolve from necessity paired with minimalism. Each place has its own positives & learning experiences. I hope peace & purpose in this place and the lives of all who pass thru. May it serve you to serve others. 💜

  14. I like that you are taking us along as you go through your journey of moving to new country! For me, a fluffy or white(ish) rug would be a necessity for my living room. It helps me feel more cozy and at home. How many square feet is your new space?

  15. Such a beautiful place! I am trying to find an apartment of my own, and keep wondering how I would decorate it as well. I must admit, your current setup is too minimal aesthetically for me, as I prefer bright and bold colors, but hey, to each their own, right?

  16. hi! I'd like to know if you live in the US? and where you used to live? was it a big change? and why did you move? for a job ?
    I enjoyed this video 🙂 it's nice to see how people live.

  17. MamaLovesMunchkin

    As a mom of three little ones in the process of minimizing, your place is a dream! That's what I hope for once I am an empty nester years down the road. I have taken several things off of our walls because I want some blank space to look at as we are on our journey to less.