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Tour The Gorgeous Trinity Tiny House (With Two Bedrooms)

The good folks at Alabama Tiny Homes produce some very high-quality tiny houses for their customers. Last year when I noticed their first tiny house, I was impressed with the layout and materials they use in the build. I asked if they would provide us with a video tour of their new “Trinity” model and they kindly obliged. Thanks you guys for the tiny house video tour!

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  1. KILLER HOUSE !!!!!!!!

  2. Beautiful,well designed.

  3. Please ,how is the 2 nd tune?

  4. I kinda dig the layout of this place. I like the stairs along the short wall at the end. I also like how they arranged the bathroom. Quite an ingenious little place!

  5. Layout poorly designed with utterly no storage for pantry foods/clothing/towels, no washer/dryer combo. 2 thumbs 👎🏿👎🏿 down.

  6. finishes aren't that great

  7. Quit playing that stupid ass music and give us information!!!

  8. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. Forget the damn music tell us fully about the unit. This vid sucks.

  10. Love the layout of the house. Need rails on loft openings. Like the stairs at end of house to loft.

  11. Looks beautiful. The camera was dizzying. Slower would be better.

  12. How much for this model? Do this model includes solar panel? Just to confirm is this flush toilet? This model I very beautiful especially with 2 big rooms; spacious and comfortable kitchen + living room + toilet. Lots of windows. I love the separate washer + dryer machine.

  13. Microwave on top of Refrigerator def no!

  14. F.I.N.E Forever Is Not Enough

    So what about those 2 bedrooms that were mentionned in the description?

  15. Only two points, it’s bloody dangers not having proper barriers up in the loft bedroom to prevent someone who moves around whilst in deep sleep from falling from that height, which could easily break someone’s back, especially as the body is quite lax while asleep. The curtain is cute but you need at least a couple of safety rails across that gap to prevent anyone from falling. Sometimes you might get a small child come for a visit with their parent, and sometimes small children have a nap in the day. So you place the sleeping child up in the loft on the bed so that they are comfortable and have peace and quiet to rest. But small kids are like ghost in that one minute they’re fast asleep and suddenly they just pop up with a big smile causing you to have a cardiac arrest because you weren’t expecting them to just pop up, but the thought of a child popping up in the loft in between the open curtains…….. you get my drift? So safety rails are required and it won’t spoil the scene, and also, the beautiful bar that has the washer and the drier beneath it? There needs to be a simple butterfly table top that can flapped up when having meals, especially if the washer or drier is operating, then two people could sit on the stools comfortably without their legs being bumped by the washer or drier at full spin. Also, if someone does iron and prefer to take their clothes out of the drier and immediately fold them up, (my tip on not having to iron again, because you fold those clothes up and put them away, when it comes to wearing them, they looked pressed and ready to go.) And that butterfly table will come in useful. Anyway, apart from my two concerns, seriously I really love this tiny house, it’s well made and gorgeous and how very clever the stairs are to the loft bedroom, I love it and it doesn’t take up any valuable space, but are the stairs packed with storage too? And the bathroom is stunning and the shower is spacious but at the same time, doesn’t seem to have taken up too much space. I do love that space able the bathroom, but I don’t know, if that space large enough to put a double mattress in & made into a guest room? Apart from the two things that I feel is missing, yes if I had the money, I would actually buy this tiny house for sure. Well done, you guys, I love it ❤️
    Ps: Sorry, but just notice the broom cupboard under the bedroom stairs, love it and that fireplace is so handsome, I always wanted a fireplace, especially at Christmas where you can put a Christmas Tree beside it, how sexy is that! I love this tiny home so much…. I won’t be surprise if there’s a hefty price tag though, I mean, come on this tiny house is so cute, although I may have improved it with my two suggestions 😉

  16. Oh, the tiny house where you can sit in the living room and either watch tv, or the laundry, or both! 😉 Anyway, nice layout and nice bathroom sink area.

  17. **True … !! very nice plan !!**

  18. Actually love this

  19. I need this home !!!!

  20. Love also the color combination but what i noticed i coudnt stand on the space of bedroom?

  21. I liked the idea upstairs going bedroom and the space bet kitchen and the living room and also the comfort room…
    Very Nice

  22. I hate when put camera to close. I see nothing. Just white walls

  23. TheIntelligentView

    This one is well thought out. Nice floor plan!

  24. I would love to live in one of those I think they are so net and nice

  25. so where are the 2 bedrooms…

  26. Beautiful home, but maybe more mellow music next time, that music was distracting and annoying.

  27. I have yet to see a better layout for a tiny home

  28. I wonder hjow.much this would cost me

  29. Sabina Lindquist

    Great house, horrible, annoying music. Had to mute it!

  30. Perfecta solo una cosita donde esta lavadora y secadora una idea poner doble tablilla que cora hacia fuera para comer con mas comodidad .y empujarla a su citio

  31. I like a few things with this one

  32. I do love how they placed the washer and dryer.

  33. pratibha panghal

    Why does the Toilet have to be next to the Kitchen in most tiny houses ?

  34. How much does one exactly like this one cost or go for? Its exactly what id like to have one day. 🙂

  35. Faye Michelle Militante

    It's one of the best layout I've seen in these tiny houses… but where's the storage?

  36. Not my government name

    Love this house! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  37. So stylish. Just need a wall instead of curtains in master bedroom

  38. I REALLY like this one and many of it's features!!! Well done!!!

  39. Beautiful, gorgeous, quaint, cozy, young & older, modern, sexy….I just LOVE IT!!!!!! Please 🙏🏽make one for me 🙂

  40. Corneilsha Malcom


  41. IIA Target Analyst

    Smart place stairs against the wall loft area. Girl be needing a tub tho. I love the layout is comfy and practical at same time. Oooohhh very nice

  42. how do these homes stand up to storms that come into the Alabama region ? and where in Montgomery county could i rent or own one of these tiny houses ?

  43. great design! one of the best Ive seen so far!

  44. horrible camera work

  45. washer dryer is fine where it is.. superb!

  46. love it but i will hv problems with where to put my wardrobe.