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Tour A Minimalist Inspired Home | This Is Home.

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Step inside Danielle’s minimalistic home where modern design meets rustic charm.

Danielle Houston, founder of BY DANILEA is a Girl Boss entrepreneur whose dedicated her work to empowering women to embrace BOLD lipsticks colors. #UNAPOLOGETICALLYBOLD


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  1. This home looks so cold

  2. Beautiful!

  3. Beautiful place. Love The Who Poster which has a minimalist design in itself. Never looked at that poster in that way until I saw it in your place.

  4. Her house is lovely! Her face reminds me a little of Scarlet Johansson

  5. A large floor mirror would look amazing at the end of your table where “The Who” frame is. It would reflect your beautiful kitchen and make it seem like a bigger space..just a thought 😉

  6. Dream house 🏡

  7. Really enjoyed the video. Love your attitude

  8. Home GOALS!!! ♡

  9. Looove your home !

  10. Love the minimal home look👍. Every room is "one of her favourite rooms" though 😂😂

  11. Your home is beautiful. Love the table!

  12. Floating shelf from IKea?

  13. is a sad house no life there

  14. You have a beautiful home!
    I googled your location… 2 hrs and 42 mins from me. LoL! 😀
    Sharing to my minimalist group. I'm sure they will LOVE your home too.
    Oh, and love the grey side table. Beautiful shade of grey.

  15. Love this! So much inspiration here for a bright, airy and warm home!

  16. LOVE THIS HOME <3 The open ceilings are GORGEOUS! Great idea.