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Top 5 Decorating Mistakes | MF Home TV

We all can do decorating, but not all can do the decorating right! Here’s an episode to fix the mistakes we make and turn our house like it’s being decorated professionally .

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  1. pakialamerong henyo

    It will be good if you just focus on design stuff as the singing and dancing will only distract viewers' interest.

  2. Kimberly Rose Fajilan


  3. Thank you ms BIANCA very inspiring and helpful 🙂

  4. Very informative but she is very OA with all the singing and acting

  5. makabayang totoo

    please extend your branches to central Luzon, Nueva Ecija in particular. also if not possible how about the delivery route, I was planning to order before you had sales but unfortunately only up to Bulacan and we are few km away.

  6. If it's not interior advise then Shhhh! No singing!

  7. Charisse Espinoza

    Wow dami ko nanaman natutunan talaga salamat mandaue kahit hindi ako artistic parang napaka artistic ko na sa mga tips nyo

  8. Informative but no to singing pls 🤷🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️

  9. The singing is so annoying and unnecessary.

  10. Cant get directly to the point coz of singing and acting. Sorry to say but … 😷✌✌

  11. Avid fan of Mandaue Foam here ✋🏻

  12. Very informative though but ang OA ng host nyo pls lang so cheesy naman d bagai🙁

  13. maureen joy cheng

    I love this table its so perfect for our faculty office

  14. Okay Lang naman Yung concept ng may singing. Wala Lang sa timing Yung comedy skit nya. He he he

  15. Thank You for your informative episode.

  16. Useful tips. Esp on the rug proper placement tips 👌🏻

  17. Noted! 👍🏻

  18. So funny and cute😊😂

  19. April Joy Germinanda

    Few hours ago.. I buy some stuff. It cost like 4800.but i paid only 4540 pesos. And its really amaze,I got discount and they give me mandaue foam card so that everytime ill go to the stores i can use it and have a discounts. 😊 Thankyou somuch!
    Great products. Great Savings! 😍

  20. Thanks mandaue foam for the tips it helps a lot.

  21. rowena marie jaro

    this inspires me to decorate the house better♥️

  22. Jeffrey Eugenio

    Cute and very entertaining! Found myself binge-watching your channel! Keep it up! 😊

  23. johnnelyn torres

    Thanks for all the tips! 🙂

  24. Love it! Please pick meeee! Been joining every week with no luck yet!! 😭

  25. laura flor hipolito


  26. Nolour de los santos

    Wow <3 <3 so loved the ideas <3

  27. John Mikel Naraja

    Definitely learned a lot on this episode. 👍🏻❤️
    Thank you Mandaue Foam for these tips.

  28. Very helpful and really nice tips.

  29. Not working 🙄

  30. Ang oa nung babae kabuwisit!

  31. Informative, yeah overacting. Still love Elle uy. 😁

  32. nice one. very informative.

  33. Thanks for the tips. I learned so much.
    #I♥️ MandaueFoam

  34. Overacting

  35. Jessica Encomienda

    Very nice idea 😍 thank you MF sa kapapanood ko lage ng mga tips ina arrange ko pa onti kung saan dapat ang pwesto nga gamit ko 😍❤

    Plz mf sana isa na ako sa manalo d ko pa nraranasan ng win dito huhu…

  36. Mary Charm Cabatay

    Learned a lot from mf home tv, kudos to the whole team, a great help for me when we transfer to our new home😉😘😊

  37. Forsythia Hoareau

    I wish I can decorate our walls like this but we have 2 kids and our youngest just starting to hold pens and crayons and markers and writes in walls and everything. And I would love to put a carpet too, but for sure in just 3 days it will be covered in crumbs, and crumbs and more crumbs. But I would love to win that prize though. 😄😄😄

  38. Cathcath Bataan

    I love it❤

  39. Agree informative but extremely cheesy to the max!

  40. Stephanie Raval

    This just made me proud of my mom. She doesn't know much about decorating but at least she was able to avoid these mistakes. The only mistake we have at home are the way I arrange my books. As a book lover, I have plenty. They are all vertically arranged simply because there are no more space! 🙂 They are all tightly fit in the shelves. Well, I think what I need is another shelf space! Hope you can help me with that too! 🙂 Thank you very much for this very interesting and informative video!

  41. Thank you Mandaue foam for sharing some good ideas!

  42. Hahaha funniest mf post ever!!! But very informative nevertheless.