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  1. Total waste of time. Go f yourself poster.

  2. 1. ARCHICAD

  3. As a landscape architect I am using Autocad, SketchUp, Lumion and Photoshop

  4. Must have been sponsored by Autodesk. Archicad is top software used by real architects

  5. the sims 4

  6. I think the list is more based of classic set of architectural software, personally I use a lot from the list, maybe only instead of 3ds max (I use Blender 2.8) and Revit (ArchiCAD user here), but I think the list in 2017 could be more rich of realtime renders (such as Lumion that is mentioned). Realtime software is really broadening experience (even the desktop one, because really amazing is that what you can see in VR 🙂 ), you can see the proportions and materials, sun and shadows, reflections of materials, its a really impressive and worth experience, and its an experience that is more understandable for you clients than 2D drawings and flat visualizations !

    As an architect myself I want to introduce you to the Virtualist. The realtime renderer that is based on Unreal Engine 4 (Game engine)

    It's made for collaboration between designers and clients as well as between professionals being on distances, we support all devices (PC, Mac and Android), and what's important one license is for all of them, because we want to give you the freedom of your personal workflow. Virtualist is in beta version for now, but you can still make amazing scenes with it! You can check my interior design on https://youtu.be/ygYDnEbrxow

    You can try it for free for 14 days of trial on http://bit.ly/2QwhcQW

    Have a great time!

  7. All the software i've tried, BUT For me..ARCHICAD is the BEST

  8. Lol this video looks for amateur…
    There's one and the only one software for architecture which is pro and cover any aspect of architecture and it's Graphisoft ARCHICAD ! On Which is based the so called Revit…
    Revit to Archicad is what is Windows to Mac…. Most of the tools and so on in most of the so called software for architecture was created by Archicad team…you can trust me I used it for 18 years since the earlier versions.

  9. 1:32 seriously? You've said 3dx Max?

  10. I downloaded Archicad 22 and Revit 2019. But I see many user prefer Archicad. I dont know both of them. I will learn to use. I use 3DS Max and Vray.


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  12. Nicolas Rodriguez C

    I want to learn to model plans from AutoCAD, but i dont know what program to start learning apart from sketchup, and i need one thats good at working organic geometry, any recommendations?

  13. I just disliked bcoz the stupid mac thing… just put it on the screen

  14. ArchiCAD is the best and you are not showing it… REVIT and AutoCAD are ancient software’s … very expensive and still rubbish

  15. *Trimble Sketchup

  16. What the heck is 3Dx Max?

  17. It can be useful lastest version if you have a problem if not working disable a antivirus program here a download link https://yadi.sk/d/xq5jFoiw3KF9Lw

  18. Blender is the best

  19. You must watch this Realistic Architectural Simulation https://youtu.be/JpYB-vZRJpk

  20. lol… i can fuck revit rendering with lumion and 3ds max rendering… and its not "3DX MAX" its 3d studio max… That is 3ds max…

  21. Don't know what you're doing, just mixing up different categories. Shows you don't know nothing about re industry

  22. And I use all of them except Lumion. 😛

  23. excellent


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  26. This is a great review! But i can see SelfCAD https://www.selfcad.com is missing in the list

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  28. Lumion is a rendering software

  29. you must konw about Mars

  30. Where did you get V-ray for Revit?

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  32. i can render more better in 3dsmax than revit rendering which is shown in ths video

  33. ok lets make things straight here
    1. Their two types of software's BIM and visual
    like how can compare archicad with lumion?

  34. Is It Easy To Design Wall Panels On Sketchup ?

  35. Santosh kumar Singh

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  36. I wish Archicad had a Vray Port… would be the ultimate combo

  37. SKETCHUP is very powerful and popular
    U can do almost everything with it
    And its very easy to use.

  38. If you are looking for an Interior Design software, look at this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1RqM6JODeQ