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TOP 3 Beautiful Luxury Tiny House With A Great Floor Plan

THE AVIATION TINY HOUSE (315 SQ FT): Featured on the show Tiny House Nation is the cool aviation-style tiny home.

The owners of the home wanted to live their life mortgage free and travel, so the decided to go tiny. The show’s hosts, John and Zack, incorporated the couple’s love for flying planes with a unique exterior that looks like an airplane.

Inside the home is two loft bedrooms, a rather spacious kitchen, a living room, bathroom, and two workspaces.

Also, be sure to check out a short clip of the home’s feature on Tiny House Nation below!

Images © Tiny House Nation

The couple were avid traveler’s and wanted a house that was small, clutter-free. They also wanted a unique tiny home that would embrace their city’s slogan of “Keep Autin weird”.

The finished result with a modern-rustic tiny home. It’s exterior features paint, with metal particles in it, and an outdoor deck. Inside the home is a kitchen with a unique drying rack that doubles as a chandelier. There’s also a bathroom, living room, and loft bedroom.

Images © Tiny House Nation

Currently available for sale in Opelika, Alabama, is this 8×32 tiny house.

The home was a former construction site office that was transformed into a livable home. The space has hardwood floors throughout, a kitchen, a full bathroom, living room, a fold-out table for dining, and a bedroom. The bedroom can fit a queen-sized bed and also has cabinet storage for your clothes.

The home is listed for sale for $25,000 and includes a four-burner electric range, a mini fridge, bar stools, and a gas water heater.

8×32 Tiny House Conversion on Wheels

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  1. too much wood grain of the same tone, weird placement of built ins like the heater, etc…

  2. wunderbar möchte auch so etwas schönes haben, schönes Zuhause 😊👍

  3. wunderbar möchte auch so etwas schönes haben, schönes Zuhause 😊👍

  4. What's up with the music? It over power's the build! I have a hard time focusing on the Tiny House!!!

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