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Top 10 Apps For Architects & Designers [Android & iOS]

Top 10 Apps For Architects & Designers

Home Design 3D – https://bit.ly/2P4ypjO

Shapr 3D – https://bit.ly/2P4ypjO

Bimx – https://bit.ly/2P4ypjO

Planner 5D – https://bit.ly/2P4ypjO

AutoCAD – https://bit.ly/2P4ypjO

Autodesk Sketchbook – https://bit.ly/2P4ypjO

Site Audit PRO – https://bit.ly/2P4ypjO

Magic Plan – https://bit.ly/2P4ypjO

Viewer – https://bit.ly/2P4ypjO

Floor Plan Creator – https://bit.ly/2P4ypjO

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  1. If you rich you can make your own house as you like, but if you didn't, you just can make in phone.

  2. เหมา เจ๋อตุง

    Planner 5d it is good

  3. The best: sims 4

  4. Why did they not add Sims, Minecraft, and BloxBurg (In Roblox)

  5. I thought of the sims 4.

  6. somebody take my Toilet!help!

  7. Song name

  8. You should add homestyler in your list

  9. After almost 2 minutes listing to that god awful noise, I’ve lost the will to live. My neck is now in a noose. Good bye cruel world

  10. Yeah cool stuff, just whats with the Tokyo pop music?

    Next level weird?

  11. Keep the chemistry like Rice cakes

    you forgot minecraft

  12. Sharmella Krishnasamy

    Is there an app where i can draw the floor plan in 2D using a pencil virtually and then convert it into 3D. Something like paint. We draw using the pencil or insert shapes. I don't how to use these apps.

  13. Sharmella Krishnasamy

    Should have suggested all these app b4 i sketch all my floor plans on Snote. Anyway i will try out.

  14. Thanksss bhai thanxxx

  15. What’s the AR 3D plan viewer that was shown on the cover of this video

  16. Top 10 apps for an architect really :

  17. Roblox bloxburg anyone?

  18. the 2 app name plz

  19. Electrical design ku any app

  20. ROBLOX bloxburg DD

  21. The Grass Block //GrassyTgb

    Or else I can just use Minecraft😉.


    How to use for professionally

  23. Thank u very much
    Keep it up always
    One more thanks….👍👍

  24. How to download this app

  25. link apk please

  26. Am I the only one thinking about Minecraft?

  27. App name

  28. Thank you!

  29. Can you help me ???????? I want to make my house design video from my phone?

  30. Please someone tell me what is the gadget this person is using to draw.

  31. Omg so nice!!
    The best one is shapr 3D but it's not supported for Android 🙁

  32. Kd o link desse progama

  33. How to download this apps

  34. How to download these

  35. Pathan Moinkhan Nasirkhan Nasirkhan

    Thanks bro keep it up we supporting you… 😇

  36. 00:00 – Home Design 3D
    00:30 – Shapr 3D
    02:50 – Bimx
    03:42 – Planner 5D
    05:30 – AutoCAD
    06:09 – Autodesk Sketchbook
    06:39 – Site Audit PRO
    07:25 – Magic Plan
    08:00 – Viewer
    08:57 – Floor Plan Creator

  37. Someone please tell ,where can i get shapr 3d?? I'm from india

  38. Tolong subscribe juga channel saya yaa…..😄
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