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Titan Tiny Homes -Notarosa – Tiny House For Sale Tour tiny house ideas home design minimalist

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Take a tiny house tour with our owner Bob of Titan Tiny Homes of this big tiny house of wheels. This small house features a tiny house design that has off the grid options and storage not found in many other tiny homes. Bob and his team have also been featured on TIny House Nation and work with many different house designs ranging in all sorts of modern architecture designs and regularly find themselves on Tiny House Hunters explaining their homes and giving Tiny House Tours on a daily basis. tiny house for sale tiny house ideas minimalist

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  1. Great idea. Until you live in one for a year

  2. Very grateful
    I whant all details space squar meter and cost including finishing and shipping to Kuwait thanks

  3. Very nice

  4. Not a fan of this Tiny Home…😣

  5. I like the layout of this mldel and the applisnces except forcthe bike rack! Sorry but that looks like an accident waiting to happen!

  6. AbundantlyClear

    No range hood…not good! Oils Will float up to those wires holding.the bike and can you imagine what could happen?

    With all that counter top space …a larger sink, or double sink could have been set into the space. If you want to sell more THOWS, these items, should be taken into consideration. Where are your air exchangers, that should be in every tiny home?

  7. Tiny House Developers

    Met him in Florida

  8. How much for this one