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  1. All of these kitchens could be easily condensed. Less square footage = less money.

  2. Beneath a kitchen sink, place plumbing against a wall and add sliding drawers. Store a set of stackable kitchenware and dry goods. Additional storage may not be needed.

  3. Open vertical storage is claustrophobic. Plus it collects dust.

  4. For a large work area, try a hook neck kitchen faucet.

  5. For spaciousness, try a portable stovetop that can be stored away when not in use.

  6. With an under-counter kitchen, span windows across the entire counter area. Store stackable kitchenware and dry goods in a lower corner carousel cabinet. Additional storage may not be needed.

  7. My dream of having a butchers block counter top

  8. more like huge kitchens

  9. Kathleen Gustafson

    Great ideas, stairs over fridge, two burner stoves, open shelving, stair drawers, all nice examples.

  10. Just buy a trailer or a fifth wheel… you'll be more comfortable and live in a much more normal home

  11. Patriot Jefferson

    @ :54 great addition of helpful shelves(although I hope there's a counter behind, not enough prep space)
    @2:58 compact food storage @ 5:19 good use of wall space
    @ 5:55 pleasing colors

  12. Patriot Jefferson

    Your best video so far.
    Check out "Brothers Green Eats" channel. A lot of amazing foods come out of that tiny kitchen.

  13. tricia williamson-bunn

    well done

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