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Tiny House Nation: A Tour of Minimalist Living (S1, E6) | FYI

In this scene, Michelle de la Vega gives us a tour of her tiny home and her minimalist living style

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Tiny House Nation
Season 1
Episode 6
493 Sq Ft Vermont Chalet

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  1. Very cool and creative touche

  2. 😍

  3. I wonder if anyone will get this. But, here goes: Whenever the media pushes a movement, there is something sinister behind it that the average person doesn't know. If it is true that the globalists plan to force people to live in tiny living spaces, then this current, artificially created tiny-house craze is simply the leaders' way of making it look chic to be robbed of your chosen way of life. In other words, they are rewarding you now–putting you on TV and glorifying your minimalist creativity–for doing to yourself what they plan to do to you, anyway.

  4. Where can I get info. for the process/approach involved for renovating a garage into a living space? cost, contractors, design, building resources including used, salvage, etc.

  5. Don't drink the Tiny House Kool-Aid…….

  6. contact number

  7. Monique Lombeida

    Where can I buy one of this houses ??

  8. Minimalist tiny camper tour on my channel , $300 a month

  9. Hi tiny house nation, I'm addicted to your show. I've watched other tiny house shows and not one can hold a candle to you fellas. I just adore Zack you too John, but Zack is my man. My name is Lisa mills and I'm from Hickory, N.C. I wld so love to meet u fellas especially Zack. You guys do some awesome work and I never miss a show. I may even b your biggest fan. For kicks and giggles I'm gonna leave my address. I wld love to hear from y'all (especially u Zack) 😙

    1820 20th Ave Dr NE
    apt 24
    Hickory , N.C.

  10. Wow that's the least impressive tiny house I have ever seen. I am in love with tiny houses but this one truly looks like someone dug thru the garbage & decorated their house with what they found. Utterly shocked to hear this remodel cost over $30K!

  11. I like your home very creative!

  12. Kya aap India me bhi Kam Kar sakte hoo

  13. Michelle Mae Simplicio

    I love everything about this <3

  14. For one person, this is not small at all.

  15. I would have preferred a bigger kitchen counter and shower instead of wasting space/water in the bathroom with a bathtub. It is always great to grow your own food.

  16. Naomi Talking Money

    So wonderful!

  17. i loved it!!!

  18. A. Jamison DeLozier

    crushing on her style! looks open and comfortable. the garden and tub make it! love, love, love!

  19. phillippe robinson

    I love what you have done. I saw you in a magazine or book 2 – 3 years ago.
    Beautiful life style.

  20. really, this is an excellent example of tiny house…it just proves that you can live beautifully and minimal without sacrificing comfort or beauty….really smart woman.

  21. You seem like a nice lady. Are you single?

  22. Great space…!