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Tiny House Living – Tour of inside Interior design ideas (Sebastopol)

This is a Tiny House we stayed at in Sebastopol in December last year (2014) during a month in California. This white tiny home has a very cool layout. It’s one of the smaller homes we have tested out. The kitchen and bathroom are connected with a glass door, so light shines through into the main living space.

The bedroom is placed upstairs on the sleeping loft like you will find in most tiny house plans. We spend one night in it, and we loved the design and interior ideas we saw here.

You can open the window on the upper floor, to circulate the air, and there plenty of space on the sleeping loft to sit up and read. Downstairs we found a little corner beside the door, where you can sit and work. The sofa is comfortable, and you can sit and enjoy the cozy feel around the sofa table. You can easily fit 4-5 people for a good night in, and the kitchen is also big enough to accommodate and cook.

The white ceiling and walls make it feel spacy and roomy, and even though it’s very small in the floor plan, it works just fine for two people. The only issue with this space could be, that you cannot close any doors and be alone unless you want to read your book in the bathroom.

Join us for the home tour of this cute little home with lots of nice interior ideas.

We have also uploaded another video from this tiny home over at OneGirlOneSuitcase here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySgomxNxLi4 and at the time we didn’t expect it to get so popular (now 150,000 plays!), so we decided to do a more thorough tour-video, because we had more video-material, and it kinda fits better here on GoDownsize 😉

We hope you like it.

Tiny House Furniture: http://www.godownsize.com/tiny-house-furniture-small-space/

We rented the house on Airbnb, and we really enjoyed staying in it for one night. We have uploaded the floorplan on our website, and you can see a link to it at the top of this description.

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Used with permission from https://brokeforfree.bandcamp.com/

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  1. Tiny houses are basically just like fucking trailers but for rich people, get you’re heads out of your asses, so many people go with having way less than you do but as a means to survive you’re not special or conservative for choosing to stay at a small space I hate videos like these, THANK YOU FOR COMING TO MY TED TALK

  2. i say this in every tiny house video and i'll never get tired of saying it: it's really pretty and i want to live here!😔💞💞

  3. Cute

  4. I've been looking into selling my 3 bedroom home and buying one of these. This one is so cute. Kinda wonder if the kitchen is big enough but I love the living area and loft..so that's probably a good trade off. Thanks so much!

  5. It'll be nice when it's finished (the floor mainly). It feels homely. Don't like the glass door to the toilet though (no privacy).

  6. please retouch yr nose ..

  7. I get claustraphobia just looking at that ceiling in that loft!

  8. Worst layout ever.

  9. The only thing is those wall panels too close to the. Ed…i like tiny houses but not having the ceiling ..that .,close to the bed….. they could have put the bed in another place to have more open space…and another thing…yes having the color white us neat…but the wood is a way to help keep in the house… if people don’t like the wood part…they could paint the wood white…

  10. Sherrie Livingston

    I could live in it, but I'd want to bump out the bedroom upstairs to make it roomier. Also, I have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, so steep stairs that I might take a tumble down wouldn't work for me.

  11. Forget a mansion i want one of these

  12. I like the stair.

  13. 0:23 I though she said we have a little terrorist here.

  14. Honestly your ugly

  15. This house is even small I don't even watch a Videos

  16. I really like the idea of tiny houses but I couldn't live in such a small place. I like to have a lot of stuff. .and there is no way 30clothes would be enough for me 😂😂

  17. If you are going to film small spaces get a WIDE LENS. I can see how have many views but without a wide shot you cannot fully appreciate a small space. You can do much better. Don't take the lazy way.

  18. I'm jelouse at your house

  19. i wamna live ina house like that and just travel.

  20. oh god she speaks alot instead of showing the house. very boring

  21. how much it cost…and what is the size of of your tiny house…great overalll

  22. everything about this was nice except the fact that your toilet is in your shower. I find that to be very disgusting. when u REALLY think about it, the toilet shouldn't even be in the same room as the shower.

  23. I would love to live there

  24. too much face, not enough house – dont like video

  25. Where is toilet? I know tiny have toilet n bathroom. But…where is dirty things go?
    I never see it on any tiny house.
    And if it's tiny house on Wheels, where do you get the electric or water??? Where the dirty things in toilet go??? Anyone know this, can you answer, explain for me???
    I don't speak English well.

  26. I live for this house. Omg that is my perfect house.

  27. Are u foreign

  28. Dallors

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