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Tiny House- DOWNSTAIRS Bedroom! (Bear’s Tiny Homes)

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Derek “Deek” Diedricksen (HGTV’s “Tiny House Builders” and the upcoming show “The Micromen”) gives us a tour of a tiny house on wheels from the Florida Tiny House Festival. This house, one built by Mark Warfield and his crew from “Bear’s Tiny Homes” features a downstrair bedroom, a spacious loft, a beautiful kitchen with a copper countertop, and one of the nicer bathrooms we’ve seen.

Find MORE from Mark, aka “Bear” at: https://www.facebook.com/Bears-Tiny-Homes-1170049899737993/?fref=ts

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  1. Adorable.

  2. Very beautiful!

  3. Didn't really get to see the entire house, but I love your esthetic! Great design and I think you are a true craftsman!

  4. That triangle window on upper bed is a pretty design. whole place is 👍👍

  5. consistently loyal 81

    I like the stairs because they look safe.

  6. Good to see the finish work, corner round in the corners. So many tiny houses look unfinished because they don't do the finish details.

  7. Victoria Rodriguez

    What a sweet guy the builder is. I love this home!

  8. Jonathan Schlossberg

    Hey. Trying to get in touch. Saw your message. Ping me

  9. Love this tiny house, looked at so many, and it's up with my favourites – nice job! Really nice guy too, very genuine

  10. Well thought out – should be very accommodating for those who want or need a small footprint for living in. The design is impressive – noticed the moderator kept saying what Bears did so much better than the other tiny homes.

  11. What about ventilation for the main part of the home? I saw the mini split in the downstairs bedroom, but that's all I saw in the video. What about living area & loft air circulation? However, love the home!

  12. I'm gonna need yall to come to TX.

  13. Finding it difficult to find Florida property that will Allow full time living on private property!! I do not wish to live in a tiny house " park"… any suggestions. West Central Florida, Citrus and Marion and Sumter counties??? HELP???

  14. Lovely! Did they give any information about the storage surrounding the tv and fireplace? Looked like a lot of great cabinetry. But I couldn't tell how deep they were or if it was just a facade designed to look like cabinetry.

  15. Kitty-Kat Cringe

    how much does it cost and were to get it I live I Silva NC

  16. Love this one. I would have made the bottom room a small office.

  17. I like the idea of a downstairs bedroom, but hated the closet over part of her feet, I wud have rather u took away that loft/stairs and gave me more head space, tall cellings and that would have made more room for the bathroom to have a bigger shower and maybe a closet some where else. I would have loved barn doors that slide across than regular doors also.

  18. One of the best I've seen.

  19. Nice features!

  20. With all of the tiny homes I've seen, all of them that fit a queen or king mattress, and NO space for a side table. I need one to sit my C-PAP machine on.

  21. Two coats of fire retardant says, to me, two coats of toxins to breathe in in this tiny house. Sorry, just watched a video about how toxic tiny homes can be if built with all new materials. Not so bad during summer but if you live somewhere where winters are too cold to crack the windows, you're breathing those toxins all day and night. They can make you sick. Leaving you to feel groggy and tired all the time. A good air exchanger or using older materials would make a difference.

  22. Gorgeous!

  23. Instead of Deek just sitting up there at the loft, it would have been nice if he had taken the camera and given us the same view he was getting of the loft rather than blocking it and hogging it.

  24. Yay! first floor BR. Nice stairs. no ladder.
    There should be a removable railing so kids don't fall out of the loft. Removable in case you need to switch out mattresses.

  25. Good on the fire retardant… just mention that to the buyer that will die from the offgassing carcinogens.

    Way too much mono tone pine, stain your trim or better yet add another species. I mean how do you find the steps or doors?

    Also vertical planks on walls not horizontal, it pulls the ceiling down like horizontal stripes on a fat person, if you're tall and skinny it works. Having horizontal on cabinets would work and make them pop out so they didn't blend in.

  26. This is no Doubt The BEST TINY House I've seen & am taking this into consideration to see about getting 1 in the future..

  27. Deborah Anne Weber

    Could the oven be replaced by a convection oven? And no microwave?

  28. Beautiful and I love the detail!!!

  29. needs a trash compactor

  30. Charming home! And awfully nice folks, too.

  31. two bedroom tiny house. PERFECT!

  32. Have you noticed that they never tell you HOW MUCH it costs? I wonder why? Car dealerships TELL YOU the price. Why don't THESE people?

  33. Nice layout but all cabinets need magnetic catches to keep them closed and a bit of felt to keep them quiet. I would go with European hinges myself.

  34. Only a FB page. I am a stock broker. Should this be a big deal to me investing in FB? Thank for any advice!

  35. Did he say the product the shower walls were made with was called "groutflex"? I'm trying to find it online does anybody know what that product is?

  36. I really like this one! how much does this one go for,exactly as it is? and what size truck would one need to tow this?

  37. Do a workshop in Las Vegas!

  38. tiny house combien sa coûte et sa me plaît pour la France .moi je suis français avoir réponse pour moi on pourrait 30000euros

  39. sa me plaît mobile home combien sa coute je peux avoir réponse

  40. so many storage space, i love it

  41. So the trunk liner material was only on 3 sides of the shower ? How long before the door becomes moldy ? Way too much wood and didn't like that the drawers weren't soft close. The noise in that house is going to echo loudly.