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Tiny House Design, 48 Small House Designs & Ideas

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Tiny House Design – 48 Small House Designs and Ideas
Music: Dougie Wood – Smooth Talker;
Music – YouTube Audio Library / Video – RunmanReCords Design
Tiny Homes, Small Space, Small House Movement

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  1. Cute

  2. Fantastic! Thank you indeed.. and wonderfully fun music you chose.. Love this! Xo

  3. These are really gorgeous,and I'm glad to have seen these a little more in depth in some other videos. Great video nonetheless.

  4. I believe the red white and blue ones are said to be about $1000, I think they are so adorable and useful, although everyone's definition of useful may vary 😉

  5. Michelle Kilpatrick

    trying to view videos under ur tiny house playlist but says my tablet doesn't recognize format??

  6. Musik – katastrofff…

  7. Though I like the designs, who composed the music?

  8. I love the tiny himes, and especially the funky music in this video! What I'm not liking is the trend tiny house videos are following of putting so many homes in one video, but no names/styles of the homes?

  9. I love these tiny homes and would live in one if I could get them here in my country…sigh..

  10. I like the one at 1:57 !

  11. निकै राम्रो लाग्यो

  12. Jacqueline Benites

    lindíssima, me gustan.