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Tiny Apartment | IKEA, Small Space Decorating | Interior Decorating | eps.3, Season 2

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The Itsy, Bitsy Apartment with Huge Design Ideas, How to design a small space, Scott remembers how he and Rebecca decorated his tiny 300 sq ft. apartment in Chicago last year. Rebecca and Greyson take off for another out of state project and continue working on design plans for the resort in Utah and Robeson Design’s version of “Doomsday Preppers”. Season 2 of Driven to Design is bursting with great Design projects working on beautiful homes, designing hotels, underground shelters, roof top terraces in luxury homes, Game rooms, Living rooms, Kitchen designs, Bedroom designs, Room Tours and more. Follow along with us for more awesome Design Ideas each week and of course, more family and office antics!

Rebecca shows you how to decorate with style on a budget using IKEA furniture.
Paint colors are carefully selected and placement is well thought out to maximize the space visually. Bold color on the walls, even in a temporary space like a rented apartment can make all the difference in the world! Use of inexpensive art pieces along with colorful books and accessories can liven up a tiny space and add warmth and personality to your home. Mirrors on cabinets can make them “go away” visually and carefully chosen furniture pieces can add much needed storage in a tiny apartment.
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