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This Colourful Rental Bedroom Is Over The Top Glam!

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Sponsored | Take a tour of Trish Johnston’s serene bedroom, which delivers big impact in a small space. Trish restyled the room in a week, starting with pretty patterned wallpaper and unique, colourful pieces throughout the room. Find out why there can never be enough pillows on a bed, plus the surprising twist of who picked the wall color! Then, discover her walk-out terrace, perfectly styled for a morning cup of coffee (or a moment of peace at the end of a long day). 

Once you’ve watched the video, enter for a chance to win* a Beautyrest mattress!

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Pillows — Tonic Living , Wallpaper — Fine & Dandy, Deck Furniture — IKEA, precisionwallpaper.com.

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  1. Love the print on the wall…can anyone tell me where I can get it please ?

  2. Love it, but I feel like the window slider need something

  3. The number of pillows on the bed is ridiculous and very unattractive. The bedroom is already small and the pillows make the bed look even smaller.

  4. Made Lery Suarthami

    Those pillows are over loaded .

  5. luminita viasu

    Very nice condo (at least what it was presented – maybe will get to see the rest in another video)) and very nice lady (she has a Marilyn Monroe quality – and it's not just the hair). 🙂

  6. Chisom Petra Nwosu

    Where did you get the picture? I want it. Love love

  7. What rental allows you to put up wallpaper? A lot don't even allow painting. This sets up unrealistic expectations for people who are renting.

  8. Love the pink, black (or is that navy blue) and white. I would've added metalic and black accent pillows rather than green and blue. Unless the curtains are navy. Hard to tell. The blue stripe and light green pillows, as well as the blue rug don't blend well with the space to my eyes. But cute space none the less! Loving the wall paper❤!

  9. The balcony is the best part!

  10. Too much going on! The carpet, wall paper, porcelain pieces don't match… and what's with the pillows?! Fake grass..fake plants.. NO!

  11. I love it! Which came first – the pjs or the color scheme?

  12. I think it's really beautiful and interesting bedroom!

  13. Waaaayyyy too many bed pillows.

  14. Love the metallic pink onion wallpaper

  15. I like this lady, and I agree with her — you can never have too many pillows! 🙂

  16. Yas Gonka Vlogs

    Beautiful but too many pillows make it look bad.

  17. LOL
    With hot sun reflection

  18. I'm moving into new home on the water. I need ideas for window coverings to help with not Sun and reflection. any ideas???

  19. LOVE this pink bedroom & the terrace too! Would love to see her whole condo, so stylish! She is so beautiful and naturally glamourous, even in pyjamas!

  20. Catarina Silva

    Beautiful bedroom but to many pillows! This women seems so nice, while watching this video I was constantly smiling because she just radiates joy!
    Loved the video!