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The Stringham Project Home Tour

See how we collaborated with Northstar Builders in Salt Lake City, Utah to stage a country club inspired spec home!! PHOTO TOUR PT. 1: http://bit.ly/2JkBvJp / PHOTO TOUR PT. 2: http://bit.ly/2JsP0Kp

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  1. Where I can buy those vanity mirrors? I always like your outfits…

  2. What kinda flooring was used in the kitchen area?

  3. Angela Paarlberg

    An absolutely gorgeous design! Thank you for sharing this beautiful project with us! What material and stain was used on the exterior cedar shingles? Also, what material and stain was used on the hardwood floors?

  4. Awesome👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  5. I'm so loving your style do you do any homes in the northwest Portland atea?

  6. I love the way you style your home!

  7. The perfect marriage between traditional and modern. Absolutely gorgeous touches of texture with the wicker baskets and wood. My dream home!

  8. Awesome.. beautiful…cute…

  9. Why don't you have a TV show on HGTV? I have loved all your home projects, hoping one day I can hire you do my own home 🙂

  10. talking too much !!

  11. Amazing!

  12. After years of watching, I've noticed a lack in your videos. Do you ever employ or even engage with people of colour?

  13. Love!

  14. This is stunning <3 Swiss coffee ftw 🙂

  15. love that master bath vanity color. What is it? Looks blueish/grey?

  16. Marciana Magalhaes

    This couldn't look more gorgeous. Stunning!!!

  17. The building of high-end spec homes is very familiar to me. My dad was a third generation, residential painter with his own business, and the last ten to fifteen years of his career he was working pretty specifically for three or four builders in Little Rock, Arkansas that built new homes and also remodeled existing homes. My dad's specialty was cabinet finishes. He was really an artist, and I remember going out to see the houses he was working on. He would've loved watching these videos! I really love warm colors, and this home feels like a fine French omelette!

  18. Lol they used the same lights in the kitchen as in the office

  19. Love love love, absolutely love each room , and that each have their own identity; great job, well done👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾💕💕💕💕💕

  20. Wow! The bathrooms were definitely my favorite!! Beautiful, flawless work you all!

  21. Wow!!! Doesn't know what to say sometimes when i watch u guys work. If it have a competition for best designs u guys win for sure, just love what u guys do keep up the good work.👍

  22. so beautiful xxxx

  23. Grace On Your Dash

    Loving it!!!!

  24. Stavroula Staikou

    Hello form Greece! I am always looking your projects for inspiration and I wish you were located in Greece!! I have a minor question regarding small u shaped kitchen open to the dining room which is direct to the entrance, with a splash back small window (perhaps we wont have this). We have to use a black granite counter top and we are thinking of white cupboards as an option. Apologies for asking but do you think that combination is nice? (also kitchen mirror white and floor tiles, tiny area, dark grey). Again sorry for asking but I am such a fan of your work!! (imagine that our tiny bedroom is getting an inspiration by the blue small bedroom you made and we loved). Thank you, keep up!

  25. I could only dream. 🙂

  26. Everything about this project was perfection! I don't often care for painted cabinetry but when you guys do it, it just really speaks to me. Can you share the paint colour for the master bath vanity?

  27. I wish you guys had a TV show

  28. Congratulations on this project. How lucky those owner are! It is a stunning home. I love your work ❤️❤️❤️

  29. Beautiful everything😳😳😳😃😃😜😃

  30. i really want to see full house tour plz

  31. I need to know where that peony wallpaper is from in the little girls washroom! trying to find the exact one everywhere, it’s so beautiful! please help

  32. cristina vasquez peraza

    Hermosoooo buen trabajo felicidades.bendiciones

  33. Amazing! We would love to have you remodel our kitchen for your channel. That would be a dream.

  34. My life is complete after finding this channel and I’m just a hop,skip, and a jump away here in Idaho!! ❤️❤️

  35. Well done! Imressive!!

  36. This project looks amazing! Would you share with me the manufacturer of the bar stools in the kitchen (I don't live in your area)?