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The Sims 4: Speed Build- MODERN HOME + CC List

Video tour starts at: 11:22

Hi guys! I hope you enjoy my speed build! 🙂 leave a comment down below, and don’t forget to subscribe. Thank you for all the support, you guys make my day! 🙂

This is now available to download off the gallery. Search my user name: theholybackpack, make sure you have the allow cc box clicked 🙂 This will be going up tomorrow morning 🙂

I will not be providing CC links for smaller objects as finding links for all of them literally takes hours, however I’ve linked the bigger things here. Also if there are bigger objects missing, its because I couldn’t find it. I’m sorry I can no longer give out smaller links when asked, I’m very busy atm. Please know that things like flooring and wallpaper and extremely difficult to find, most cases I only find one or two items. Thanks 🙂

Chairs: https://goo.gl/sCdPc5
Kitchen Counters: https://goo.gl/fv5gVL
Fridge: https://goo.gl/6EKwWa
Oven Hood: https://goo.gl/sfa9VW

Living Area
Chair: https://goo.gl/J9Z7sp
Couch Pillows: https://goo.gl/ARvFdD
Painting: https://goo.gl/GQ6t2R
Side Table: https://goo.gl/x5ijcU
Other Side Table: https://goo.gl/bJ6qtd
Coffee Table: https://goo.gl/kNx3eu
Sofa: https://goo.gl/ZSPVwn
Fireplace: https://goo.gl/4E4soe
Light: https://goo.gl/Q7eBPn

Shower: https://goo.gl/dg9qFM
Toilet and Bath Mat: https://goo.gl/uuK6qN
Sink: https://goo.gl/sWxHKE

Desk: https://goo.gl/LeUv9U
Chair: https://goo.gl/6XwnKr

Mirror: https://goo.gl/nYAV63
Side Table: https://goo.gl/crSqn3
Rug: https://goo.gl/RErFPc
Bedding: https://goo.gl/8pFSes
Other Bedding: https://goo.gl/wjyYzg
Bed Frame: https://goo.gl/UE6CZ2
Other Bed Frame: Couldn’t find it!
Chair: https://goo.gl/P1nrTf
Dresser: https://goo.gl/6STnPm
End Table: https://goo.gl/zYA72P
Curtains: https://goo.gl/u9Aw3q
Pillows: https://goo.gl/EJga66

Upstairs Landing
Mirror: https://goo.gl/fohPWb
Ceiling Light: https://goo.gl/zeG47A
Bench: https://goo.gl/cuhNbh

Outside/ Misc
Windows: https://goo.gl/LYBkoT
Audi: https://goo.gl/s49qur
Living Room ‘outside doors’: https://goo.gl/CzrSuC
Outdoor Set: https://goo.gl/kN5RvB
Garage Door: https://goo.gl/AXKyqT
Tree: https://goo.gl/S4Kpc8
Front Door: https://goo.gl/rNzjmV
Concrete Driveway: https://goo.gl/PgoyWE
Paint: https://goo.gl/quGqaL
Concrete Walls: https://goo.gl/Ra3kXa
Yellow Wallpaper: https://goo.gl/gq6ffk
Bathroom Walls: https://goo.gl/cWxWEA

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  1. The Sims Gallery

    Hey guys this is one of my first modern CC homes that I've done. I really hope you like it! If you want to see more modern type builds let me know, thanks! 🙂 Video tour starts at 11:22

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    There's 1 word to describe this house amazzzzzzzzing

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    I have question this is not what Sims looks like dude are you sure that this is SIM?

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