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The Shed Roof – An Architect’s Review of a Modern Classic

In this video I discuss the reasons for choosing a shed roof shape as well as the design implications for doing so. Sheds are structurally simple, site responsive forms that are finely tuned to passive solar collection. With opportunities for daylighting via clerestories, rainwater harvesting and other aesthetic benefits they’re a great choice to meld traditional and contemporary design languages.

Please watch: “Be an Amateur (Architect)”


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  2. Eric, quick question. How would you go about finding the wind direction on a property? I assume you would just look at the terrain?

  3. Every new home should be built energy efficient, well insulated and come with solar panels and battery storage.

  4. the roof he is talking about is more commonly referred to as a skillion. a shed roof is similar, but the top edge of it would terminate into a wall.

  5. Do you use BIM in your work?

  6. Any tips on how to convert a traditional roof into a skillion style? We considered building a celestory (?) wall of windows on our existing ridge as the high point and sloping the roof back to the end of the house.

  7. You have great videos on your channel, awesome architectural examples with impressive and clear photographs in this one

  8. I think you could make the video be a little more interesting and grasp attention by writing your topics on the video and not just showing pictures of examples

  9. Bamboo Group Info

    i want to build a shed… any suggestions on where i can find plans for this ?

  10. I love the fan at 5:20

  11. i love shed roofs

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