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  1. Matthew Lavergne

    I am really sure you can build it yourself mates. I made it 2 weeks ago thanks to woodprix website.

  2. cool thanks I am expamdimg my one story house by building 2 rooms above the first floor the ceiling joist are 2×6 and cirious if they can be used as floor joist on the second floor.

  3. Lol no shit

  4. Great! I finally have my dream shed and what, couldn't believe the time and money the whole work saved me [Check Details Here⇒>https://www.facebook.com/Shedplans-1906203496273256/app/208195102528120 ]. This is the best I've ever come across. Thank you very much Ryan!

  5. Why you joisting with 2×6 and not tji joists I never seen that

  6. No im pretty sure thats how every carpenter does it, or should. Crowning lumber is pretty standard practice.

  7. thank you.

  8. Anthony Rodriguez

    Oh man thank you, You finally explained it the simple way, I already watched 6 videos about crown direction and couldn't get it, until now!!! I was already getting mad at mother nature for not making them straight, lol

  9. every good framer not only crowns the floor joists…everything. rafters, wall studs, even plywood… i dont think you guys go that far to check the crown on wall studs lol

  10. Taking the extra 5min to get the best
    Structural shape 9.9 !

  11. Great tips. Thank you for posting!

  12. we always install the perimeter shear before we joist, to keep all walls stiff, and avoid knocking out of plumb the corners.

  13. we always put liquid nail on the joists…. right before we use joist nails

  14. Just wanted to say about the crowning of the joists, we all do it over here that is a common practice in Australia. And I think it makes sense if you do it but as you said most framers don't do it there in usa that's not right

  15. so the title of this video should be… "marking crown for second floor joists" – or – "not how to joist a second floor"

  16. Barstow! Im a realtor down in Bellingham, WA and I have to say, your whole playlist of start to finish on this residential home is great. Go Canucks. And I had to say, you sound much more confident saying "Now not everybody does it like that but we like to do it like that" in this video, good work! And don't worry about these people hating on how you talk about your home's value! They must not understand your salesmanship 😉 Cheers

  17. Crowning is something that has been passed down through carpentry for hundreds or thousands of years.  It is a practice which is not studied in engineering due to the synthetic nature of the engineering practice.  You can not calculate the crown of each piece of lumber, so it only has a place in carpentry.  

    I am happy to see modern carpenters are using the crowning technique still.  Hate to admit it, but some houses are built without proper crown. 

  18. I have a question for you. Lets say I have some sagging and I am hearing the squeaking you talked about.  

    1st floor is supported with a metal I-beam and wall structure; however the second floor is supported by a header….  the center 5 joists that rest on the header appear to be sagging.  So I ripped out more subfloor.  Interesting that there was absolutely nothing supporting the toilet which would explain leaking and rotting subfloor is that location.  but the header does not appear to be damaged from above looking down.

    I know its hard to visualize what I am asking, but do you think its ok to just sister another board to the existing bathroom joists and raise them up a little higher so that the new subfloor wont sag, or is that a disaster just waiting to happen?

    BTW-I appreciate the fact that you took time to make a video about joists and supports.  Some people just read into everything wayyyy to much and don't listen to the overall message of what you were saying.  



  19. crowning a joist isnt something "just [you] guys do" you're always supposed to crown them up otherwise the floor settles (and causes annoying squeeks in the floor)… anyone who doesnt do that is very cheap and unproffessional