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The Lettered Cottage: Layla's Cottage Style Kitchen

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In this season’s final episode, lifestyle blogger Layla Palmer gives her builder-selected kitchen a personalized, cottage-style makeover. Follow Layla’s DIY mission to brighten this space up and give it a farmhouse-fresh feel.

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  1. Just perfect, i love it!

  2. It was better before. I don't see any particular features that can be called "cottage". The fridge, the fixture are modern.

  3. I fell in love with your kitchen backsplash! Can you please tell me where I can find it?

  4. white cabinets just above the stove with no range hood to protect them would surely be my worst nightmare with all the cooking I have to do everyday lol.

  5. Looks nice, but if a family with small children lives there, they'll be sorry with all the white because all the handprints will show. I made the same mistake and before a year was up I had handprints and smudges all over the place. I was constantly telling my poor children "don't touch this" and "don't touch that" until I sounded like a broken record! I felt so guilty when I overheard my 3 small children playing with their little kitchen. My 5-year-old daughter was supposed to be "the mother" and her 3-year-old sister, I suppose was "the baby", when I noticed she kept repeating "no sweetie, don't touch that". After I became curious as to what her sister was not supposed to be touching (after all, it was her kitchen too), I asked her "Betsy, why are you telling Margie that she can't touch? Santa brought this for all 3 of you to share." She looked at me and said, "I dunno, it's what you tell me all the time". I painted my kitchen soon thereafter, in colors that hid the fingerprints and grime that children all seem to leave. I have no idea why, children cannot enter a room without touching walls, entrances or doorways, they can't seem to walk down a hall or the steps without sliding their hands on walls. I have grandchildren now, and our beautiful wooden walls are natural, and they can touch to their heart's content.

  6. Lindo lindo

  7. I like before , sorry

  8. Wow!!!!!

  9. Beautiful!

  10. Love it

  11. Emily Marion-Walker

    WHY DID YOU PAINT THE CABINETS?! The yellow was so cute!!!!

  12. how is the oven vented?

  13. Good morning I just wanted to thank you so much for replying so quickly. I love your vlogs. Still looking for them👎 Y'all have a blessed day!!!🤓

  14. To the design network I texted you a while back. I would like to know what websight the rolling pin knobs are from? Thanks

  15. The old kitchen was more stylish than a plain boring White, very common countertop and kitchen color. Why does every body change to white? I don’t get it.

  16. This is exactly why we are NOT spending a lot of money on granite in our kitchen update. Faux granite lookalike courtesy of Mr. Formica will do just as well for us. Because it’s just going to get ripped out when something “new” comes along someday. 😂

  17. That thing happens to my hair all thw time lol

  18. grey gray grey so much gray

  19. I guess I'm not understanding the farmhouse looking all white! I was raised on a farm as was my folks and their folks. Love going to gmas house. None of our farmhouses where white like these. We had lots of colors like red and yellow.And lots of wood. I really love the looks of both your kitchen but I have a different view of farm house and cottage. Our cottages were just a smaller version of the big house . Enjoy!!

  20. Such annoying music but good job on the kitchen.

  21. Sharon Arrendale

    I love your new kitchen! Gorgeous and welcoming.

  22. Love love love that backsplash😍….so glad you replaced all those “YELLOW/GOLDY” colors…..definitely not Farmhouse.👏👏👏

  23. I've been looking for the rolling pin pulls. Can you give me the web site you bought them from. Gorgeous!!!! I love your style 👍🤓💕

  24. Really pretty. Not a fan of all white quartz but definitely looks better. You find the cutest little accessories

  25. Nice ! Both kitchens were beautiful and i feel the designer must of had money to burn.

  26. Farmhouse at Meadowhill


  27. What was wrong with that original design?

  28. oh geezz….another "make it all white" video. hope this trend passes soon.

  29. Love that you took out the microwave over the stove. We don’t have one there either. I opted for a nice hood with tons of bright light.

  30. Luann Kelly Combs

    I kind of liked the warm buttery colors of the before kitchen. Hmmmm. I'm not sure I would have changed all of it.

  31. I like it a lot but it is really small with

    almost no counter space I hope you have a very large pantry for storage.

  32. so sad to destroy the beautiful kitchen from before

  33. Where did you get the backsplash tile? I like it!

  34. I liked it much better before.

  35. This is my least favorite makeover I've ever seen! It actually looked better prior to the makeover

  36. You've done a fine redecorating job. That beastly yellow-tan was awful. The new blue-green is pretty without being sissy. You now have a family kitchen, not a commercial kitchen.

  37. Did you prime before painting the cabinets – if not, in time the paint will start chipping. I have to agree with others comments – looked better before.

  38. So…what kind of paint did you paint the cabinets with? Did you seal them after painting?

  39. Love!

  40. LOVE that backsplash

  41. I love it!