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The home interiors in the USA, American Interiors, American Interior Design Part 1

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The characteristics of American style.
For American-style naturally is some stiffness and respectability, which is perfectly in harmony with the functionality, convenience and simplicity. At first glance it may seem that the US create the interior design in your own home could afford only the chosen, but it is not so. Look closely at the US houses and apartments. As a rule, they have a fairly large area that can accommodate the interior with all the necessary furniture for a comfortable stay. And often, the apartment recalls rather the studio, where several rooms combined into one, for example, living room and kitchen, hallway and living room. In this connection, it is possible to identify the characteristics inherent in the American style, they are: the absence of partitions between rooms, allowing you to combine them into a single zone; a minimum of decorative elements in the interior; the organization of the most functional, comfortable and spacious space; central location of furniture. And if you look at the interiors of American images, such an approach in the design of the room looks pretty attractive. It is worth noting that the American style of the interior is often confused with interior design Loft. But they do not repeat the American style, these pictures clearly shows it. The materials used to create the American interior resemble natural, natural stone or wood, are extremely rare. Instead of natural wood is used MDF or other inexpensive materials. As the functionality of the interior, it seeks by pseudo-partitions, spacious niches and original arches, which have not only a decorative function, but also serve as storage space and equipment. And thanks to the placement of furniture in the center of the room, at a sufficient distance from each other, reached the very free and comfortable space.

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