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The Grande Ronde – Log Home Design – Plan by Gravitas – Modern Home Design

You can see more of our work and about us at http://www.Gravitas.us and purchase our plans off the shelf at http://www.wholesalehouseplans.com
The Grande Ronde is a one of a kind rammed earth home. Rammed earth is a timeless building method in which site soils are compacted in layers to create a solid earth wall. The thermal mass of the rock-like wall slows the transfer of heat and cold, and acts as a cooling element in the summer and a warming element in the winter. Created for the foothills of Boise, Idaho, this rammed earth home was designed to capture full views of the valley below, while blocking the heat of the western sun. Long radial rammed earth walls extend the eave line and create partitioned spaces on the interior and exterior of this home. All on a single level, except for a private office on the roof, this 3400 SF home has a lot of living area. Along the sheltered north wall and set into the hillside are a media room for entertaining, and an exercise room for your own private gym. A north facing outdoor patio captures the coolness of the earth and shelter from the sun on the hottest summer days. The stairwell is designed to act as a solar chimney pulling the heat out of the main level living areas and drawing in cool air from the sun sheltered areas. Entertaining in the kitchen, dining and living is focused around built-in seating and a central fireplace that takes details from the rammed earth walls.

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