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THE COOLEST HOUSE EVER ! (minimalist interior design house tour)

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link to house:
solo pezo part of the boutiquehomes collection: http://bit.ly/2iOATzN

let me introduce to the coolest house i’ve ever seen, it really has the best design – casa solo pezo ! tucked away in the eastern spanish mountains, it’s every modern minimalist’s dream, with huge sliding window screens, gorgeous interior design, and a roofless pool acting as the centre of the house. it sleeps 5, has two different bedrooms, two bathroom, a lounge, and a kitchen. plus four outdoor spaces in between each room. so quirky and original !

david and i spent a couple of nights in the house as a part of a project we’re working on, and we just had to show it to you guys. it’s hard to explain how calming it is to be in a place so visually unique yet simple. i hope that at least some of that feeling can be conveyed through this house tour video !

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david and i are trying to visit as many epically cool places like this as possible, to give us ideas for our future dream house. because if we’re going to build a house, we might as well go for epically cool, right ? then how to figure our how to not make it cost a fortune – meh, that’s for another day ! for now, we’re sticking to dreaming about our minimalist, open space, modern, unique, muted, light and simple dream home. we’ve even started to do some 3D sketches online, how fun ! i can really recommend it to all of you who’re saving up for a house of your own.

love // jenny


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  1. more eyebrow pics on ma instagram : @jennymustard – https://instagram.com/jennymustard/

    love // jenny

  2. that house is definitely not made for kids 💀💀 the pool is so deep

  3. es ist wunderbar


  4. wow it would be nice to see the plans!

  5. Great house, i want build house like this 😭😭

  6. Gorgeous

  7. Beautiful house awesome brows

  8. Yr makeup is awesome.. a littl nore than normal though

  9. The price of this minimalist house is 1.3M awesome!

  10. Everything was amazing, except your outfit girl wtf! You look like Lilith from the tv show cheers.

  11. The project is from Chilean Architects Pezo Von Ellrichshausen

  12. "check your own bum when showering" dream hahahahhahaha

  13. her withput the eyebrows eere great! she is the first i saw who could pull it off! amazing gorgeous!

  14. That house looks like a military bunker for delusional people

  15. I love the house but it also scares me a little hahah not sure why ..?!

  16. Yes please! I would like to see more minimalist home tours

  17. i vote yes , eyebrows! … so pretty

  18. OMG I LOVE Casa solo by Pezo von Ellrichshausen!! They are one of the coolest Chilean architects right now. I'm so happy you could go there (Sorry the excitement ahah, im chilean too!)

  19. how secure is that place?

  20. What a beautiful house. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  21. shes like a model so if she doesnt have eyebrows she will always look good