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  1. She is a hundred percent right.


    And remember shes a cook with her own life and is not owned by her viewers.

  3. smoothandchunky1

    She did meet with that sick little boy once she was aware of it. Read before you jump to ugliness.Ina Garten is good.

  4. Dont mention ze war.

  5. KnonameRunetotem

    Oh, she has good taste alright (;

  6. We Love Her Here In AUSTRALIA Well Done INNA you are THE BEST

  7. His nose is scary.

  8. @SirSlat chef* whole*

  9. High Carb Whole Foods

    She is like Martha Stewart, except she's actually a sweet, down-to-earth person with whom you'd want to eat dinner, and she doesn't break the law.

  10. I have been trying out food network chef recipes for a long time now. I have also been watching food network since the early days when it was first starting out. Time and time again I have come back to Ina. In my opinion you cannot beat her recipes or her style. Barefoot is my favorite show on that network and her cookbooks are gems. try her recipes and you will be amazed at the flavors and the presentations.

  11. i want my kitchen and garden modeled after Ina's.

  12. No one does it like Ina. She's AMAZING!!!!!

  13. Ina is still beautiful. she's my favorite on food network. very good cook and has good taste and style too. i love her

  14. High Carb Whole Foods

    LOL I'm sorry the education system has failed you so badly.

  15. Of course her name is NOT Barefoot Contessa. Barefoot Contessa was the name of her speciality foods store. Her name is INA (ROSENBERG) GARTEN. She is known as the barefoot contessa though. i know this because she is my culinary hero/idol/icon!!! love her!