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The Architecture of the Japanese Engawa or Porch

In this video I discuss the layout of the engawa and offer modern architectural examples that make use of the engawa.

The engawa is a uniquely Japanese space, neither completely enclosed or completely open. It’s a generous hallway, a roofed transition zone, located between the interior rooms in a Japanese home and the garden, created by extending the interior floor outward. In Japanese culture it has a social importance, providing an informal meeting space, a place for sitting, greeting one’s neighbors and sharing a cup of tea.

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  1. Great video as always I finally know how to name 'that' space. I was wondering why most of the old japanese residential houses are elevated up above yhe ground is it because the ground humidity ? I like the effect of the floating though. Thank u for the quality content and keep up the good work. cheers

  2. You need to learn how to read these scripts, where to pause, how to breathe. It alternates between distracting and downright putting you to sleep.

  3. Jean Sebastien Malebranche

    Hi great video! Do you have any references or more information about the primitive air conditioning explained at 4:53

  4. Bless you for the name. I've been calling it 'that japanese patio hall thing' for months. xD

  5. I do love these videos, so many fantastic design ideas ie 5:13. Thanks again for creating your channel, it must take a great deal of time and effort to create.

  6. I really love the open idea at 3:37, completely opening up the bedroom, this could be fantastic for our hot summer nights here in Australia though you would want to incorporate some form of fly screens to stop those horrible mozzies coming in.

  7. Do you have any information regarding the home at 2:57. I love the design!