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The Amazingly Beautiful Sakura Tiny House Has Style

The Sakura Tiny House was recently completely by Minimaliste Homes in Québec. The house literally has not only everything you’d except in a traditional home, but it’s all done beautifully with some pretty darn impressive ways of going about it. I’d like to thanks Phil from Minimaliste for putting together this English version of The Sakura tiny house tour, thanks! See link below to their website.

Built by Minimaliste: https://minimalistehouses.com

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  1. Francis Mangubat

    The house good

  2. Francis Mangubat


  3. Can't get to the minimalist web site from the description link. How big is the house?

  4. Beautiful. One of my favourites!!

  5. Love the ceiling.

  6. Me encanta esa casa es hermosa , tiene muy buen espacio y es comoda, me encantaría una así saludos desde Colombia 🙋🙋

  7. talonoftheblueflame

    Your English is A OK bro 👌

  8. Such a beautiful and functional design.

  9. J'adore votre style moderne et minimaliste. A ce moment le Sakura est ma preferée. J'espere en acheter une, un jour, et vivre proche d'un lac quelque part paisible…

  10. Hicieron un buen diceño

  11. Darlyane Nascimento

    Amazing design. I love almost everything, except for how compact the kitchen ended up, but it's still very functional.

  12. Love this one very comfortable looking, job well done

  13. So it's a drier and a washing machine? How is that possible? I like that the bathroom is closed off from the rest if the space with a sliding door.

  14. one of my favorite tiny house i have seen. I like the layout and designed. looks so specious and open.

  15. I enjoy your English and understand every single word. Beautiful home, too… I think I could live in this one.

  16. This is another beautiful work of art😀 & you've got to love Phil❤ Your company does awesome work …I love it❤

  17. athena psichogios

    I have seen so many tiny homes but this one is the one for me thanks for the video incredible amazing thanks Phil !!!!!!

  18. Love the layout

  19. Have you ever considered and Ofuro with stand-up shower combo in the same space as the sit-in tub?

  20. Congratulations on a wonderful design and beautifully executed workmanship from what I can see! One of my favourites so far. Continued success with your business. all the best from Down Under! 🙂

  21. Hi can u design for me?

  22. very nice house and omg what a sweet man : )

  23. Julesy Llandelar

    I like the room, no need to climb up some narrow loft space

  24. The grey colors make the space depressing….

  25. Near perfect design. Having more counter space was mentioned but not resolved. Having pull out counter top with fold down legs would’ve done it. Also easier access to storage behind couch (front opening). Immaculate interior design. Absolutely stunning. Price?

  26. Amazing tiny house

  27. Your English is just fine. I understood very well.

  28. Your English is very good…your accent is only slight.

  29. That stair is phenomenal. best one I've seen so far….wow…best tiny I've seen EVER!

  30. Wonderful English and great presentation of a quality looking product. (I wouldn't have watched it with just subtitles) I usually skip through but this video held my interest.

  31. I'm glad you're proud of your English ability! And fantastic home too; you rock, man.

  32. … Very beautiful home. 😎

  33. This is the absolute best and my Favorite tiny house design!!!

  34. Bet dis thing is flat
    drum pun sounds

  35. Gorgeous your tiny house

  36. Alexis Villavelez

    had so many ideas for the design of the tiny I wanna have. The only thing lacking is money. 🙁

  37. We like English people 🥰 we like you too! Thanks for sharing!!!