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Terrazzo Patterns in Modern Design – Home Design Ideas

Terrazzo is no longer just for floor tile. In fact, terrazzo-inspired patterns have once again come to the forefront of modern design, thanks in part to a Memphis-Milano revival, also known as the New Memphis. Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s first delve into the basics of terrazzo tile. From there, we’ll see how the pattern itself has been celebrated in recent years, whether it’s placed on the floor or sprinkled onto the surface of modern jewelry!
Originally consisting of marble chips suspended in cement, terrazzo flooring has evolved to include a range of materials, such as epoxy bases and recycled glass bits (even mirror). The top is then ground, polished and sealed for a smooth finish. Terrazzo flooring is hardy, making it the perfect choice for high-traffic areas.
Commercial space featuring terrazzo tile
Modern kitchen featuring terrazzo flooring
Modern bathroom with terrazzo shower tile
Terrazzo room
Keyhole terrazzo
Hexagonal terrazzo table with modern style
Clay necklace
Terrazzo tapestry from
Terrazzo cushion
Patterned terrazzo pillow
Terrazzo artwork
Terrazzo tapestry with stripes
Terrazzo shower curtain
Terrazzo-motif necklace
Terrazzo notebooks
Terrazzo Phone case

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