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Teen boy’s room design ideas

At the mention of the phrase “the perfect room for a teenager” each represents something of their own: a cozy or technical, or a spacious, on the other hand, compact. The main feature and unlike teen bedrooms of the child’s room – it’s pronounced individuality in everything from the decor to the layout.
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  1. I have better than all of these


  3. All that's needed is a bed (duh), a table, a lamp and tissues…

  4. The Gaming Channel

    The 14th picture is just like my bedroom.


    My favorite room is 2:35 because it has more space and I'm a contemporary dancer!!!

  6. My room is not that highly furnished and decorated so sad..

  7. 1:25 Great idea! Of course everyone loves art, is good at playing instruments, loves to read, does well in school, and is athletic! Love the ideas but think they'd be better if they were more themed around specific things, which you did with a few such as the galaxy room which turned out great. If you put in too much it won't work because it will be too cluttered and there is sure to be something the teen dislikes

    Edit: Just noticed some of these don't even have beds XD

    Edit again: Realizing now you put the same rooms multiple times and just changed the angle the pic was taken at


    where is the poor people room

  9. παναγιωτης μπατσης

    Nice my room is so big💥😂

  10. leandro_thedank YT

    My room is small

  11. Lael Hansen Toe Sucker

    Can we stop getting just fucking pictures and hear about the accessories and where we can get them from

  12. Which song is this?

  13. these rooms are so small. bigger please

  14. White privilege

  15. I'm girl 🙂

  16. Can't u make video of bedrooms in budget

  17. Huge beds

  18. Lol like if your room is 10000 times smaller than that

  19. Amazing Gaming and Challenges

    2:21 is the best room for me

  20. who can afford any of this?

  21. @ 0:53 where can I get that bed frame??

  22. All of them are cool but where is the bed

  23. ni

  24. Paídí Shéargh Ó Suibh

    All these rich white kids get there own section of a house whereas here in sunny ulaanbaataar i share a bedroom with my grandma. And she snores god dammit. She snores loud AF. Like, she full on screams in her sleep.

  25. Someone plz make my dream come true I wanna have a best bedroom ever

  26. Rich kids they almost all had iMacs

  27. These look like fuckin apartment rooms whoever did the graphics bullshit on the walls whats wrong with just plain paint walls.

  28. Where can you get these full wall decals?

  29. What is that song

  30. BED FRAME AT 0:54?

  31. this weee man thinks im fucken rich

  32. Alexandria Scarlett

    1:14 love this one

  33. spoiled

  34. Where's the poor edition?

  35. My room is 3 times smaller than all of those 😂😂

  36. Madelyn Villanueva

    Only rich can afford this

  37. Pls someone tell me the name of bed 00:06

  38. Where do you get the bed from 0:06?

  39. My room is so small because there is along walkway when you walk in so I can't do this. My sisters room is bigger