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Talking To my Dad after Years, ThanksGiving Prep, Making Merch??

Heyyyyyy everybody!! Welcome to Livin with the Webbs!
We are a young couple Jerrod (28) and Olivia (28) that against all odds we made it work. We are very much in love even though we may argue a lot.. Lol. We have three beautiful babies! Robyn (4) our sassy lil girl, Christian (3) our lil crybaby & Ryann our New babygirl. Jerrod is from Dallas Tx and Olivia is from Los Angeles Ca. We moved around a lot but during our journey we have found our forever home in Texas. It might not always be picture perfect but we promise to always keep it REAL.

We hope you come along this journey with us. We’re happy you’re here! Welcome to the Family❤️
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  1. can you stop eating long enough to do your prepping

  2. I really hope I can get your Merch. I will rock the shit out of it. WEBB GANG.

  3. Yess pranks and reactions 😅

  4. What song are you listening to when you're making the cornbread? It started so good!

  5. What cream do you use for your coffee

  6. WalkThroughLifeWithBliss Morgan Blissett

    This is so weird but I absolutely LOVE when you be drinking your coffee talking bout “mmm” 😂😂 & I HATE coffee but you make it sound so BOMMMMB 😭 I made a cup before just cause I watched your video 😂

  7. Omekia Lavejackson

    Call your father I know he can be a big headache sometimes but he gave you life be the bigger person

  8. Omekia Lavejackson

    I understand how you feel about your father but maybe he wasn’t raised by his father maybe he wasn’t taught to be a good day But I get along with my daddy so good my mom is like a frame when is time to get serious she do not know how to be a mother so I looked at her like a best friend but I can call My Father and talk to him about anything

  9. On my gawd you sing so beautiful. Your daughter is precious singing in front of the 📷 My daughter used to" whip her hair back" and forth too. I wish I would have put the footage on YouTube. 😊

  10. Okay with the vocals!! I’m a new subbie and I love y’all! Thanks for sharing and your family is beautiful. Be blessed 🙏I also understand the family subject. Family shouldn’t get a pass to disrespect you.

  11. I love ur personality. I love watching you. You remind me of. " Marilyn Monroe…….." love all your family.

  12. The wholr little wine moment was cute

  13. Why is she drinking wine while breastfeeding?

  14. Please don't do reactions. It will water the channel down boo!

  15. I'm a newbie here. I've been watching for a min now but wanted to share my opinion on your merch :). Yup start off small makes things easier on you in the long run, and maybe think of keychain with the web gang on em :). Idk but keep doing you love and your family <3. Much love

  16. Girl that coffee looks yum lol .. I've been up since 5 this morning.. I could use some coffee..

  17. I LOVE pranks but HATE reaction videos… I don't want to watch someone else watching something… that's boring!

  18. Love her videos! Just hate how she responds to her kids when they ask questions whiles she’s filming!

  19. Omg Liv! Ppl stay hating on the way you eat. That tells me that you should start a mukbang channel. Subs love that smacking. 💰

  20. “Coffee make you start sanging baby”
    I felt this 😂😂😂

  21. Quick someone block the Profesfessioal One she’s a nurse from hell!!

  22. new subscriber love your channel and your family .you are such a good mom and you keep stuff real which I love. Mine are now 17 and 15 I miss them little lol .And belvetta so good ,my bf likes the banana ones and the cinnamon ones. I love the yogurt cookie ones very good before I go running.

  23. The Coin Collector

    ooohhhh poor Ryann needs to be held all the time, hunh?….. poooorrr lil boo boo

  24. The Coin Collector

    i love the little grinding segment… y'all are so freggin cute

  25. The Coin Collector

    i agree… Ryann looks like you

  26. Get daytime lights for your home for better lighting in vlogs

    Edit: cost less than $5

  27. Mzz. Luvv chandlier Joyy


  28. Yass! You put me on belvita! Cant have my morning coffee without it 😊 love yall!

  29. baby was pissed 17:12

  30. I eat the blueberry belvetas

  31. I know you didn’t grow up with a black mom using JIFFY for the dressing cornbread 🚫 😂

  32. Coffee makes me wanna Sang !! 😂

  33. I also did not have a father in life like he should be and know he is died !

  34. Mental Illness is no joke when it comes to parents, you're strong Liv, I'm literally that person when it comes to my mother, I feel so responsible for her. I would love to buy merch once you have it up and running. ( I followed you on Instagram, 757nativelove) ❤️❤️

  35. Ur a Great Mom n God bless ur FAMILY Blessings Increasing 👑💜🙏🦋😍🍾🍷 yes us mom's need a vine break ✨