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Talking Tiny with Chicago Bob Episode One tiny house home design minimalist

Titan Tiny Homes has the most affordable tiny houses for sale in the United States. Take a look at these great tiny houses for sale and great products in this video.
Join Chicago Bob Owner of Titan Tiny Homes and Host of Talking Tiny as he interviews Eric from Utopian Villas on this weeks episode of Talking Tiny with Chicago Bob. home design minimalist

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  1. As long people are happy I don't think one care were u . Live or how u live special in California

  2. I kip seeing this it's not bad to by special in here in California it's not posible to buy a home special if u like to live in a city . It's ridiculous how all when up . Some time it's not the 467 thousand cost to buy but , the monthly payment people cannot afford to play special in California the law it's hard to get a tiny home .

  3. There was a whole lot of politeness going on there. But, here's my tiny two cents :
    using the same products as what's usual when building a standard 'lux' home can't be called a Tiny house. Or unique. Sorry Eric, but that is in fact just luxury cookie cutter. Even if you add the word luxury into the description. Still, it's cookie cutter.

    A Tiny home, by design, is in fact (in the movement) entirely unique, from family to family. Meeting their specific needs. In the very best Tiny houses – worldwide – homes are created by the individual, for the individual and their needs. It throws out the whole concept of 'standard'. Relying instead on creative craft, skills & problem solving.

    NOT jamming a bloated, heavy 'standard' home onto wheels, slapping a label on it, and calling it a luxury tiny house. Over-priced, bloated, lacking any genuine creative application to solving a problem: Multi-use, multi-function, high strength, lightweight, small space, Small price.
    The typical home builder is incapable of figuring it out. They're just hopping on the bandwagon.
    And there's my two cents.

  4. saw the creeds on these last 2 vids… Checked out the warm waves site. can you do a piece on their offerings?