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Modern Home Design * Impressive Two-storey Vacation Home on the Shores of Lake Okanagan

Robert Bailey Interiors completed a two-storey vacation home located on the shores of the beautiful Lake Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada. The residence was inspired by client sketches and the surrounding geography and was designed from the ground up. According to the architects, “the result is a modern home that remains ...

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Kitchen Design using Ikea Home Planner rules

Kitchen Design using Ikea Home Planner rules Only few minutes to your dream kitchen! Use these rules to measure and plan your kitchen design and you will end up with great experience. Good Luck! Coming Up Next: Landscape sketch Reference/Inspiration: Your 4-step guide to buying a kitchen Ikea New Sketch ...

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25+ Arabic Bedroom Interior Design

Arabic style is colorful and luxurious. Interior design and decorating in Arabic style are offering a nice alternative to neutral colors and white decorating of Scandinavian homes. Modern interiors in Arabic style are inspired by chic and comfort of Middle East palaces and reflect unique rich cultures of Arabian Peninsula ...

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Architect’s Design Process : Modern Barn Studio

Markers I use are here: http://thirtybyforty.com/markers/ In this video I walk you through the techniques used to generate the floor plan for a modern barn studio and currently on the boards at 30X40 Design Workshop. The project was to design an outbuilding, a folly, that is deferential to the existing ...

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The Salinas: Modular Modern Home Design by Gravitas: Systems Built Modular Construction

More plans @ http://Gravitas.us or purchase at http://wholesalehouseplans.com.. The Salinas is a hybrid timberframe home with some unique features. This home is designed for off-site construction (Systems Built, or modular). A very contemporary design with mono pitch roofs, a unique private Owner’s Suite that stands by itself and a full ...

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