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Sweet Home 3D 1.7 tutorial

This 9’43” video shows how to use Sweet Home 3D 1.7, a free interior design application that helps you place furniture on a house 2D plan, with a 3D preview (written and audio comments in English). Sweet Home 3D may be downloaded at http://www.sweethome3d.eu/ or http://sourceforge.net/projects/sweethome3d

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  1. S'étend logiciel exceptionnel

  2. Nice

  3. Can you help me reduce the size of the uploaded plans. I am at 316' rigt now and the 3d view is difficult to get a close up of house plans, Can i adjust the size of the background or do i have to upload the background again at a smaller scale. Thank for your video.

  4. i had a lot of furniture pieces in my library but my computer was reset and i lost my collection of models. i still have saved plans with models. how can i add those models back to my catalogues? please help

  5. is it possible to export the 3d sweet home design to 3ds max or sketchup?
    i can export the design to OBJ wavefront format, but can't open it in 3ds/sketchup
    this would be a great help 😀 thanks!

  6. i make wall and its not feet its cm what i do to convert cm to feet

  7. I got lost about half way through

  8. Хотите 2-x этажный хороший дом?Тогда загружайте мой построенный дом)
    Вот ссылка для скачивание https://yadi.sk/d/fzA1hf_je2SL7

  9. How do i put a texture into the game. Like, what folder do i have to put it into e.t.c.?

  10. summit reservations

    how do i make rooms or floor height below the ground level

  11. waseem choudhery

    can you please tell me how to create a second floor if possible up lod video

  12. really help full, thank you

  13. Vídeo que fiz ensinando um método para colocar telhado em seus projetos  Como colocar telhado na casa com Sweet Home 3D

  14. i can't see the 3d view of my project, all i see is an empty gray space on the buttom part of the screen where the 3d preview should be showing. pls help

  15. Есть Русские ?!

  16. This Song ?

  17. Como adicina novas peças nele, tipo sofa ?

  18. suppose can be exported to a presentation with a display that can be run like in the game, it'd be cool

  19. Yes, please read the FAQ or the help

  20. can i make a circular wall??

  21. Read the help or user's guide on Sweet Home 3D web site.

  22. backpackerstravelers s

    Superb software…..but How to create a floor…

  23. Please read the FAQ on Sweet Home 3D web site.

  24. Yes, visit Sweet Home 3D web site.

  25. I assume you are talking about the two wooden floor textures available. Those aren't really giving me the effect I'm looking for. I hate to sound like I'm complaining; I realize this is a free program but I would gladly donate $30 for some floors that look as realistic as everything else. I've heard something about importing JPEG images but have not researched it yet. Is that something I should look into?