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Super Impressive Tiny House With Master Bedroom

“Our Lee model sits on a 32’ Movable Roots Trailer and features our signature 2′ extension on the rear making it 34′ over its entirety. Our goal for this layout was to have a little more living area space and a smaller but still very usable kitchen space. The Lee boasts a main floor master bedroom with huge closet space as well as an alternating step staircase to the second-floor loft bedroom. Very spacious pass through bathroom with walk in shower and washer/dryer combo. The use of quality materials and our superior building methods will have this home lasting from generation to generation.”

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Built by Moveable Roots in Melbourne, Florida: https://www.movableroots.com/signature-models/the-lee

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  1. too fast. no room for guests, or eating…. not "impressed"

  2. This is the first one I like because it has the master bedroom on the same floor. No scrimping on the size. Plus the upper room has easier access and you can stand up.

  3. Very impressive

  4. Extremely Beautiful Home. Everything!!

  5. How much did this cost?whos the builder?

  6. Sarah Danielle

    So cute. 😊

  7. The shower is bigger than mine TT

  8. Overall I really liked it, but I don't know why they make bathrooms like that. If you had a guest in the loft who needed to use the bathroom in the middle of the night they might forget to unlock both sides when they leave and the person in the bedroom is now locked in. If the person in the bedroom forgot to unlock both sides when they were done, the person in the loft would not have access to the bathroom.

  9. Isabel Cristina Bedoya Zapata

    The video is so confuse!!!!

  10. Only thing I didnt like is the "alternating" steps-or w/e you call them. Very nice otherwise.

  11. Rochelle James


  12. The exterior looks cheap, hodge-podge, and boxy. It lacks design. The interior, however, is beautiful, but they will need to do better than the tacky white trim and boxy shape to impress me for more than $100K, which is what they're asking on the website. No bueno!

  13. Katie Thompson

    MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS, PLEASE. I love the info that long videos give, but the "slide show" version like this helps so much!!!

  14. Brenda Kirkland

    Lovely home, but the video is too fast

  15. Wondering Woman

    Would enjoy video without music. Or play something not so horribly high pitched.

  16. buy a camper. save $. plus u can insure it.

  17. Thokozile Tapambwa

    Beautiful space can i move in please💕💕💕

  18. Tiny trailer homes for the wealthy

  19. I rarely this one #1 of all the tiny houses. Very beautiful and the bad room is on the first level, no climbing up a ladder . Nicely done.

  20. La mini casa mejor que he visto

  21. It's pretty!

  22. Lorella Sguerri


  23. Pamela Johnson

    Loved everything except the living room didn’t look like it belonged

  24. Christopher Gaddis

    I hv a tiny home.
    It's a 1 bed 1 bathroom.
    Living room and a nice size storage room!
    Full refrigerator.
    4burner electric stove & oven w/full sink in kitchen.
    Also HV flushn toilet.
    An a full bath and shower.
    I call it my 1 bedroom apartment ✌️✌️

  25. Christopher Gaddis

    The G.O.A.T!!!

  26. 😘😍😍😍

  27. I like the house but I hate the video and the music is really annoying.

  28. Gorgeous home!

  29. The video was way too fast! But from what I see it looks gorgeous!

  30. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  31. .??.? The disjointed glimpses were distracting. It the video has been completed in a less artsy and more informatic way it looked very interesting. But if you want more people possibly ordering this model, have a smooth, progressive logical format with a live person pointing out potential power sources, water tanks or input, water heating methods, cooking fuel, composting/cassette/black water toilets. Too much vital information let out.

  32. Melanie Marshall

    Oh this is wonderful! I enjoyed the video and have some wonderful ideas for the day my guy and me design our own tiny home..Thank you so much.. Xo

  33. I love this tiny home!!!! It is absolutely gorgeous!!! It is just so perfect!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful gem!!!!

  34. Rosalia Wijaya


  35. 90k for this?? Please be real.

  36. Bobby Bueckert

    Of all the Tiny homes I have seen this one is in my top two. Love it, the design ,layout .I would for myself only add some of the burnt wood colour to one of walls .Since the Tiny home explosion which was cost efficient for low income but at $90 k others seem to have taken it and added huge mark ups. Seems the whole tiny home idea has got ruined .

  37. Wow the perfect location and ideal home