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Step Inside an Industrial-Chic Forever Home in Pittsburgh

Stacy Weiss and Will Carpenter created their forever home in an unconventional space: a 1920s commercial building that’s been a mechanic’s garage, a tile store and an artist’s studio. Weiss, owner of Weisshouse, a Pittsburgh resource for high-end vintage home goods, and Carpenter, a general contractor and owner of Carpenter Construction, became their own clients when they finally found this space. “We originally lived in a three-story house, then sold it and rented a loft while looking for a building to repurpose. We knew we wanted an industrial feeling with one-floor living,” Weiss says. Now, what was once a commercial building is reincarnated as a loft-inspired home.

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  1. Love it

  2. So rad. I love this city and the people that live there.

  3. No way that solid steel table weighs 3500 pounds.

  4. That house is DOPE 🤘🏾

  5. Taylor Craig Newbold

    Only thing missing is an espresso machine and you've got yourself a midtown coffee shop…

  6. Atlas & Gabriel

    This is still one of my favourite remodels on the Internet!

  7. Beautiful

  8. Love it!

  9. Gregory Thomas

    Super Dope….

  10. 😍😍😍😍

  11. Jim Tropfenbaum

    Kitchen integration into living space idea

  12. Years later and I still love this and the way she gave the old new life is amazing!

  13. like the hidden storage

  14. Thanks a bunch. 😀

  15. South Standards

    My dream space one day…very nice

  16. Greg Appelgren

    I Likey.

  17. Christian Jermaine

    She looks like a young Liza Minnelli

  18. Nothing says "i hate change" like an immovable object as a dinning table…

  19. Lovely

  20. TheRomewedding

    Loved, loved, loved the art wall in the bedroom!