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Sorting and Styling the Sitting Room | Home Renovation DIYary ep 7

In this DIYary we’re getting the sitting room and dining room liveable and move-in ready! It’s a long way from finished but it’s a fun process 😊

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  1. In America the trend rn is to hang your tv above the fireplace. I love that you didn’t do that. 😍 it’s coming together so nicely.

  2. It is a Rubber tree not a Ficus plant. I love what you have done!

  3. maybe put the couch on the wall where the TV is now and put the TV to the right or above of the fireplace. Then the corner in front of the windows is more open with maybe two chairs…

  4. when someone pushes a round table in a corner to touch the walls …. irghx!

  5. florence cavallaro

    maybe you can bring those green chairs upstais in a guest room <>they are very pretty<>

  6. florence cavallaro

    are you living in the us

  7. florence cavallaro

    i love everthing you are doing<>help me what do you think if i do pink and gray painting on my wall?

  8. i'm happy found your channel.. love it !

  9. Anayeli Arellano de Chairez

    Please leave that sitting room table that color! I love it! I think some of the other wooden elements could be different color.

  10. Your house is so cute! All of your hard work definitely paid off <3

  11. Mrs Ewing’s Life

    looks great… I love vintage furniture and up cycling them. xx

  12. You can paint fabric with Anne Sloan chalk paint. Maybe you could paint the chairs

  13. So much work, I know. I hope you do change out the curtains, even plain white sheers would looks nicer

  14. Everytime I watch a video where people redo their living rooms I think "man I wanna lay on that couch" lol

  15. Your content is phenomenal!

  16. Live with the painting on the desk for a bit, you might really like it! I think having paintings leaning on a table has a modern, laid back feel that can be really nice.

  17. 😍🏡🔨Love:
    That color you painted the cabinets in the laundry room would look nice for the tv-stand and the stand that’s in the window behind the sofa. The leather sofa …. maybe put the two yellow chairs that’s stacked up in the dinning room right there instead, and the chairs near the fire place can be moved somewhere else, the other sofa issssss so cute cute. Maybe paint the wood around the fire place white if it’s not a active one or a nice grey. Paint stores also sell return paints for a quarter of the price that they recolored and you can get recolored too, which might help for little projects. The coffee table would be cute white.

    I think the curtains is a little too busy maybe a curtain like you did in the bedroom or one just as light that’s pink or yellow but that light would be gorgeous.

    Now the dinning room… that big wooden dresser would be nice if you white washed it and you used the same gold handles you used on the cabinets in the laundry room, and I would say put a light color or petal-pink table cloth on that big dinning table for now to help keep the place feel light and open, while placing some table mats like you did in the breakfast-nook on it and a big vase with flowers like you did in the livingroom.

    Much love and love your videos!!

  18. It would be really awesome if you built bench seating into the bay window!

  19. Your house is beautiful. So nice you are getting to how you want it. So much stuff in the living room. I would be tripping over things. Those purple chairs are so nice, I thing they would be nice in a bedroom or bathroom because of the colour.

  20. BereniceAllanPoe

    You painted over the freaking dust…

  21. I really love your videos Hermione, but for my taste, the living room looks kinda crammed and there are too many different color themes going around

  22. Tbh, wants the points of buying a Victorian house if your not going to embrace the style? All this modern, white, shiney style doesn’t feel unique or really… look good?
    But is that just my industrial, rustic, vintage style saying that, or the fact that white and shiney simply doesn’t look good..

  23. Why don't you move those beautiful chairs into the bay window, add a coffee table and make it into a nook? It would be my favourite part of the house if I had one 😊

  24. I would love to see a complete house before and after when you are done, please!🤗

  25. It is looking fabulous!

  26. Always open windows to paint the frames so you don't paint them shut 👍 and seal the gaps in floor boards to stop dust coming up x

  27. Wish you did more wideshots, so that the entire finished room was visible.

  28. Hanna Sillanpää

    I would kill for that dining table 😍😭🙏🏼

  29. I’d just have the grey coach as it’s a small space x