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Small modern home design, affordable and stylish

If you got a kick out of this check out another modern small home I just finished. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8ATR9wrBVg
This small modern home design can be adapted in a number of ways, both with regard to plan and finishes. I’ve shown it with a horizontal wood siding treatment. I pictured this for the Pacific Northwest, using SIP (structural insulated panel) construction and a “rain screen” siding system. But it could equally well be built with conventional wood framing or even AAC (aerated autoclaved concrete) blocks. If it were built in the Southwest I would consider using a stucco finish, somewhat in the manner of the architect Irving Gill.
As far as the plan, the ground floor is one continuous social space. The upper floor has 2 separate private zones and a bath. In this version I’ve shown the upper floor as an open loft, suitable for a single person or couple, with no children, who want a home office as well as an airy bedroom space. But each of the 2 private zones could also be enclosed to create completely private bedrooms.
The total floor area of both levels is 743 ft2 (69 m2).
The footprint fits within a 24′ square.

If you liked my little video, please check out my channel where you can see more of my work. I’ve got home designs inspired by famous modern architects as well as designs inspired by traditional styles. I’m making all these models in Sketchup, which I’m teaching myself to use. I’m somewhat of a novice at Sketchup and the videos are a bit rough. But I’ve been designing homes for 25+ years. (I’m old enough that I’ve lost count).
Enjoy! And if you do enjoy, please leave a friendly comment. Thanks!

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