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Small Living Room Decorating Ideas | Interior Design | Fix It Fridays #15

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Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson Shares the details on how she fixes this Living Room.
To watch more videos of this home: Click on this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAS8LtL7VU-emdfn6TXWmWQ00ar-jLsv3

Fix It Friday Recap:

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Every week we’ll be bringing you a decor project that we’ve “fixed”. From the humble and sometimes scary beginnings to the fabulous reveals. Rebecca will share unique elements about all of the projects and share great design tips on how to create more storage, how to find more space and how to maximize your budget!
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Directed and Produced by Robeson Design.
Videography by Dorian Tucker
Editing by Dorian Tucker
All exclusive music provided by Jimmy Robeson
Royalty free music by Epidemic Sound

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  1. Melanie Goodwin

    Brilliant!!! As usual. I thought it was a riot that Rebecca's necklace perfectly echoed the geometric pattern of the round focal mirror, cushions, curtains and accents. A lucky coincidence?? I bet not. The woman is GENIUS !!!

  2. Love the 4 chairs with the table in the middle and agree it would make visiting a lot nicer. But what do you do when you only have one living room space for watching tv etc – is it ok to not have a couch at all? That would seem weird but could possibly work. Anyways I love the look and that make over – would LOVE my space to look like that. Can you suggest something that looks similar but on a tiny budget! thanks!!

  3. This is the look I'm going for. So beautiful and light.


  5. God she’s good!

  6. Who is Grayson?

  7. Ma'am for the interior design is maths and physics are required??

  8. I seen yr BFR LOL HE LOVES YOU

  9. I don’t know how much something like this costs, but it’s beautiful! If ever there’s an opportunity for your help with my home. I’ve unfortunately been handicapped and I’ve tried to update similarly to this remodel. Because of my limitations, I don’t have much ability to finish the projects I’m halfway through with. I’m of Sicilian ancestry, and I grew up with my grandfather’s work ethic, your words are not worth anything, show me the work, perfected if possible, also 9 years of the same catholic school he went to. I’m 40 but have the morals and ethics of the ‘40’s. I have so many little things, and I can’t finish them, which is tough for someone that only has self worth from their work, and can’t stand the thought of just looking lazy! Unfortunately my mother is getting older with health issues of her own, she’s never been treated right, parents to husbands, and I can’t do the normal things I take as my responsibilities for her. My fiancé left when my spine started fracturing, took my daughter and moved away, so I’ve let her down in the only grandchild she has too. I’m not looking for sympathy,handouts, or pity I’m just stuck and every move seems to be the wrong move, and I’ve never seen you design something I didn’t like. Im sure you’d see the updates I’ve done from when we purchased it 15 years ago as similar to your taste.

    Sorry for the sad sack story, just sharing for understanding of what I am working with.

    Best wishes Miss Robeson!


    To everyone who's just now finding this channel, you're in the right place, this WOMAN IS THE TRUTH👍👍👍👍. Im broke but my house looks like I'm rich because of her!

  11. That is gorgeous, such class. The moulding really takes the room to a whole new level.

  12. Jessica Alarcón

    hi ,subtitles in spanish pliss

  13. Ludivina Valencia


  14. Grayson is an amazing artist.

  15. What lights do you use to light up the bookcase?

  16. It's My Life Daralynn

    That is different with the 4 chairs and round table in the middle. Its customary to use a couch. I love it! I must try your design sessions. I return so many home decor pieces and furniture because I think it would look nice until I get it home. The hardest for me are rooms that are oddly shaped or when windows aren't balanced. For instance three windows in a room, but two are together and one is alone. How the heck do I get window treatments for this design mess ? …I ask myself. You're the best Robeson Design!

  17. Yvonne Pinckney

    Awesome! You rock at decor!

  18. Beautiful work <3 I plan to implement these ideas in my home. These videos make me want to join the design sessions. I hope to soon! Thanks for sharing!

  19. It’s beautiful!!!!!!❤️!!!!! I am curious about the costing. Approximately, How much costs for this house remodeling?

  20. Your designs are always so polished and grown up. You have amazing ideas.

  21. Beautiful Rebecca!

  22. Hello, Happy Saturday! Could you please let me know where I could find those double light sconces that were on the 2nd room you showed? The twisted ones found by the white arm chairs. Thank you!

  23. Stunning. From a clunky and awkward space to elegant, beautiful and so inviting.

  24. Ha! I also love the 4 chair sitting room, Always add a set to a dream plan! I ♡ Robeson

  25. Amazing

  26. Colleen Blake Calvert

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  27. Wow! !!

  28. Jai Raj Kashyap

    I'm in love with you, becky!!! Can u stop being awesome?! xxxxxxx

  29. Gorgeous 💕

  30. Chantale Mitchell

    As always your work is just breathtaking. Do you come to NY?


  32. Stunning!!! You are just so unbelievably talented!!

  33. Who has only 4 people in the living room- especially in large houses?

  34. Love the 6” crown that covers the doorway header!! I’d really love a video on ceiling fixture options for 8ft ceilings…its a constant source of stress trying to find stylish ones that aren’t too big :/

  35. Michelle Jordan

    You are amazing

  36. I've had this living room pinned on Pinterest for months as inspiration for my new house. What a pleasure to find out who the real designer is, after being a subscriber for less than 24 hours! I knew there was a reason I followed your channel. Beautiful work, can't wait to see more.

  37. Hi rebecca love to see ur design. I wish to have lovely design like what u have done in all ur video. But my home was only small unit flat with the hall size only 112" x250". Do u have any ideas to make it look elegance &exclusive eventho just small unit flat?

  38. hi
    I have a 14.8m Sq. living room.
    what to do??


  40. Mary Silverberg

    This room is beautiful! And, this video has helped me a lot. We have a piano and it has to go on one particular wall in our small living room. My plan is to put floating shelves (which my husband can make) on each side of the piano and accessorize! Thank you, Rebecca for the inspiration!

  41. Wow! I love it!

  42. Another insprational, creative, excellent transformation. Thank you.

  43. I LOVE it! I wish I can do that for my parents house, they have a piano as well.

  44. Love it 😍

  45. where's the color?!

  46. Great ideas!💖 them!

  47. OMG I wish I had the money to pay her to come and decorate my house🙁