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Beautiful Small Apartment Kitchen Design Ideas | Small Kitchens on a budget

Beautiful Small Apartment Kitchen Design Ideas | Small Kitchens on a budget https://youtu.be/1FG0hI6QM6c IF YOU ...


  1. but kitchens r nice beautiful

  2. Ya Alicia Bastidas
    I also don't like background music

  3. DirtyLittleRocker Baby

    Most of these aren't small by UK standards. They are all lovely though.

  4. Music……………

  5. Great kitchen ideas … can do without the music!! Not a good choice.

  6. put off by the music

  7. Great video, sad that what we do is for bigger kitchen! 🙂

  8. Thanks for the video.  Lots of great ideas.   The tunes are nice too!!!

  9. I want to take out my cabens out and just make some shelfs. I have a small kitchen.

  10. Not that small!

  11. dagobert theodore

    music thumbs up

  12. Love the music and the kitchens……if you don't like the music, turn it off, play your own music selection and just look at the kitchens, this is not a music site

  13. music thumbs down

  14. Unique Wall Art, Quotes & Designs By Gemma Duffy


  15. Trademark Renovations

    Love the style! #TrademarkRenovations

  16. BJC Bathrooms and Kitchens

    This is great for those who own small kitchens, designs can be difficult to come up with in small UK kitchens, so this video is handy.

  17. Nice kitchens the only thing I don't like is the background music.

  18. Louise Anderson-Elie

    Like it

  19. Wynski Enterprise Corp

    1:11 is not small it is large

  20. If you are looking for small kitchens to "warm" your heart, these are not the kitchens that should do the trick. Rule of Thumb: If it seats eight to ten people, it is not a small kitchen. LOL!

  21. Get rid of the hip hop music!!

  22. Negate the music..horrible and distracting.

  23. Small???? Either I don't know what small means, or you guys don't have a clue on what a small kitchen really is…

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  25. I want Gregorian chant music.

  26. This dispenser is great for your small kitchen http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00PI796BY

  27. El que hizo el vídeo seguramente no conoce las casas del infonavit

  28. The kitchens are nice.  The music does not seem to fit.  

  29. Wow drop all. Music

  30. I love the music, not even a Rap fan.  Good looking kitchens and excellent editing.

  31. cool video

  32. Good song!

  33. Actually the best thing about this video is the song.. Anyone knows the name?

  34. baljeet ahluwalia

    terrible music

  35. hate the music !!!!

  36. These are small kitchens….? my all apartment is the size of these kitchens…

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