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  1. At least we can have an idea how to fit a smaller size unit.

  2. these are exquisite love them all

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    living and working in a nice place is. life changing

  4. i like it. thank u

  5. My place is much nicer en very cozy, like a little paradise. Doesn't matter it's not big and not expensive. Money is not all that.

  6. Wow awesome I like it i well design this for my house

  7. Forest Lodge Mobile Home could be added to this list.  See at Google Community: Elements and  Anchorpoints in Architecture Discussion

  8. I like these because I want about 1000 sq feet. i want everything on one level and don't want to move it. But what I really want is to put one on several acres with nothing but meadow around and flat with some trees on one side, but able to see farm houses in the distance and be about 15 minutes from small town for shopping, gas, post office, doctors, etc..

  9. best design for me 4:21

  10. these are NOT tiny houses

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  12. in a big expending world, we need this type of small yet comforting houses

  13. The background music is so good !! Does any one have an idea what ia the title of this music being played in the background ?

  14. These "tiny houses" are bigger than my two bedroom apartment….

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  16. Patricia westervelt

    Interested in a small home for 87 year old woman and caretaker. Am presently living in senior residence ( costly and many problems) need to
    Make a change. Please send any info you would have to help me out of this situation. No loft bed please as legs aren't well enough to crawl.
    Thank you

  17. not tiny homes

  18. Most of this houses aren't so tiny…

  19. Great Home Design decorations ideas

    Nice video thank you

  20. Nice music, please credit the artist.

  21. small yet elegant!

  22. nice music..i enjoy listening

  23. I would build a house like this one in the sims 4

  24. louie john bubtron

    music title plss

  25. love the music

  26. music sucks

  27. Came for the houses, ended up listening to the music only. Please, credit ther artist.

  28. What the fuck is this music? I love it.

  29. the music is awesome

  30. Not tiny…..and just pictures……

  31. Many of the houses shown are NOT tiny. Small, maybe, but NOT tiny. Some of those not so tiny homes wasted tons and tons of space too. I hate designs that waste space trying to be all "designer"-y and "up-scale". And Kitchen spaces that have NO closed in storage at all are mean for people who never cook or eat at home. If you don't, why have a kitchen at all? Just use a small corner for one induction burner, a bar sized sink and a mini fridge with a microwave on top. That can handle most "heating" and breakfast needs.
    And the music like to drove me NUTS. HAD to mute it. I usually don't complain about music, but sheesh that was awful.
    However, I did appreciate the chance to see a lot of designs in one (fairly) short video, so thanks for that.

  32. I love your taste in design trends. Thank you for these inspiring ideas.They motivate me to get to work on my own home projects.

  33. Good music it has a nice drum beat to it!

  34. The right way to do a tiny house.


  36. A lot of these are way too small.

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  38. thanks a lot.
    this is very good video