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Sleep Without Climbing in This Loft-less Tiny House

This is the Model Harvest built by Seatoseahomes its is a single story home 8′ x 26′ with high interior ceilings and a convenient storage loft. It sleeps 2-4 people. The Harvest is an luxury high end tiny home that features wide cedar planking on the exterior, natural pine tongue and groove on the interior walls, complimented with a maple ceiling, LED lights and ceiling fan. It’s built in Florida but of course delivery is available to wherever you need it to be.

For sale here: https://tinyhouselistings.com/listing/pompano-beach-fl-12-8-x-26-ft-harvest-tiny-home-198sf

Built by Sea To Sea Homes: www.Seatosseahomes.com

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  1. They consider this the LUXURY HIGH END tiny home?!!  Nothing luxury about it. About as luxurious as living in a cardboard box!!

  2. Danielle Nilsson

    i like this little house

  3. Tore - Lifespeak

    I really like the idea of a tiny house without a sleeping loft, but this house was poorly created. My knees would be in the way with the washing machine and should there be a murphy bed, it can be build a lot more clever. But hey, we all have different needs.

  4. its bad bedding and not enough cabinet space!!!

  5. That second converted bed looks flimsy, especially with those cushions which look like they'd shift and slide.

  6. The bathroom floor plan is aweful. Tough to wash your hands in the sink unless you are sitting on the john.

  7. How much

  8. This is too nickel and dime of a house.😕 A good "tell" is when you see cheap details added like a $20 ceiling fan. The house should also be 100% spotless which shows the builder cares. This house is filthy! It looks like a dozen kids eating ice cream cones were allowed to play in this house for an hour. 😣😝
    The windows and appliances should be better than pristine when you film a new home. Take a day to wash and polish everything and touch up every pin size mark on the walls so it looks better than perfect. If you can't do that then what shortcuts did you take where we can't see????
    There are too many great tiny home builders and even more bad builders. If you are a great builder then show it!

  9. Good

  10. Sorry. That is not well done. Getting to the bathroom sink looks insane. The wasted spaces, the cheap cabinets. The cheap cushions. Dragging your table/desk around after awhile will ruin the floor. The finished carpentry is poorly done.

  11. Poor quality design and specs, poor quality materials used, terrible layout, rushed presentation, one of the worst (if not THE worst) THOW I've ever seen.

  12. “What we’re really shooting for is modern” missed.

  13. All the points below, plus, an ugly ceiling in my opinion. Maybe you're supposed to straddle the crapper and face backwards so you can desire to look out the window and covet the neighbors really nice tiny house. 😉

  14. Research Communication

    Ace compact design, especially the beds that can sleep up to 3 or 4.

  15. Cheap looking.

  16. Don't like. Too many reasons to list. So I won't.

  17. Andrea Christian

    Salesman without asthma might be better. This isn't made to be a home HOME. Murphy bed, FUTON (?!) Poor quality.

  18. Kat Kohler Schwartz

    Why not make the Murphy bed a desk combo pull-down?

  19. Edit Eszter Bodai

    Small,tiny and dangerous furnitures 😔


    worst tiny house I have seen so far.

  21. BeThatPerson ThatTreatsYouRight

    I live in Florida and no amount of Hurricane doors are going to protect a TH!! Just gotta drive out of the state why pay more for that door?
    That’s funny!

  22. I love the wood panel…

  23. i loved it

  24. That is perfect for someone who can't go up the ladder and wants to live in a simple tiny home. It's cute

  25. 😆 may be a little too tiny

  26. JoJo's Variety Show

    Love the Murphy bed. The futon looks so uncomfortable. I would rather have a more cushy couch for relaxing. Nice design. I would not want to climb either.

  27. I will never get why people who designs tiny houses, waste a bunch of space and comfort to create 70+ ways to accommodate guests sleeping areas, I get that they can have 1 (ONE) "UNO" …Extra sleeping for a guest, in case of an emergency, but c'mon, who the heck wants to have 4 more people stay in your tiny home when it is so "tiny"!!!

  28. That does not look so well designed I must say. The bed solution takes up a lot of space, the futon couch doesn't look very sturdy and how the hell could you put the toilet right in the middle of the bathroom basically blocking access to everything else?

  29. Microwave is very bad for health. Same with Wi-fi.

  30. Not enough storage for clothing and bedding. I think few feet can do the job. God bless you.

  31. Nice!!!

  32. one o my favorite tiny home designs

  33. I like this one

  34. The toilet should have been placed where the storage closet is in the bathroom. The storage closet should have been put where the washer/ dryer is. The futon should be a couch but that's awful right across from the sink but then again IT'S A TINY HOUSE!! Oh well!

  35. The washing combo is too big as they could bought a compact small one specially made for tiny spaces.

  36. Those lawn chair pads will not sleep well. You need 4" or more of foam in order not to feel like you are sleeping on wood.

  37. if you are going to downsize your space, why fill it up with luxury?

  38. Looks cheap and utilitarian not in the least cosy or attractive. It would be like living in a garden shed! Awful design, worst I've seen out of hundreds of these tours.

  39. Why not put hinges on the platform bed support, so that it lays flat when bed is up, and falls to 90 degrees as bed comes down. I kept waiting for you to bump your head. The other bed looks good for passing out on after drinking copious amount of alcohol, so you don't know you're on the bed from hell. No hanging space…this is the perfect man cave.

  40. Looks like that just woke up one day and said let me jump on the tiny house craze and started hammering away. Completely wasted so much space with the washer and dryer, the tiny fridge in the huge space above and to the sides, the ridiculous oven fan for a 1 burner stove…. The Janky ass futon lmao and the poor excuse for a movable island. Bro, stop ripping off ideas and higher some one to design the shit for you. This mobile home was garbage and so was the so called salesman.

  41. Patrick Robinson

    Tiny House people like to brag that "it's great for the environment".
    Translation – "I can't afford anything bigger. So, I'll justify my poverty by pretending that I'm Captain Planet".

  42. There is so mush wasted space. You could have a bigger refrigerator or three or more feet of cabinet space. If you go to the bathroom you will end up smacking that washer every time. Poor design. I hope it’s cheap.