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  1. Very good

  2. hai and hallo. can i know how long it take to make one house

  3. Der Deutsche Boss

    thank you!

  4. ILove Hearthstone


  5. Doni Putra Pratama

    Gan saran kedepan pake suara agan biar kita lebih cepat mengerti makasih

  6. Itu pake sketchup thn berapa y….

  7. kak mau tanya, itu cara di menit ke 17:41 biar tembok ilang gitu gimana yah, mohon pencerahannya

  8. Kak alia pengen belajar langsung dong
    Bisa ga?


    pro 👍👍👍

  10. J&J Efeitos Visuais

    Hello friend, I'm kind of dumb, I wanted to tell you where I think different colors palette to download and use in sketchup 2016 the colors that you use in your projects, for example I do not have my sketchup 2016 understood now, my friend?

  11. J&J Efeitos Visuais

    Hello friend, good afternoon, where do I find different color packages for me to download and use in sketchup 2016?

  12. J&J Efeitos Visuais

    Ok friend, it's okay, brother.

  13. J&J Efeitos Visuais

    One more thing, my friend, can you model a metal scissor in SketchUp?

  14. J&J Efeitos Visuais

    My friend, I'm not an architect, I just do modeling in SketchUp and I love modeling. You're very good. Why did I ask you if possible? Could you model a church in your own way? Can you be a friend?

  15. J&J Efeitos Visuais

    Hi friend, good morning, could you model an evangelical church?

  16. J&J Efeitos Visuais

    Hi friend, good morning, did you get the photos of the church? it would be more or less a church like this one of the photos you could model an assm in sketchup buddy?

  17. Thanks, nambah Ilmu hehe he 😅