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SketchUp Interior Design for Layout 1 – Walls from a Floor Plan Image

Learn to create an interior design model in SketchUp that you can use to export to layout to create architectural floor plans.

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  1. Great tutorial. You have a great way of teaching, very precise and clear. Not to fast so you understand everything in your tutorial. Keep up the fantastic work. As I've said before on other tutorials, its guys like you that make the world a better place. Thank you very much.

  2. Well done. Much appreciated!

  3. this is extremely helpful.

  4. Sir I tried many times but tape measure is not scaling my image I also hold the control key and enter the value but it is not working .if there is more ways to scale the image is available please let me know. I shall be very thankful to u

  5. Is it possible to provide the download link of this floorplan? so we can follow the tutorial more easily.

  6. My man, you are doing a very good job there thank you so much this exactly what I was looking for

  7. Loved it! Thanks.

  8. My measurements and length will not show up in my version. Any ideas on how to get it back?

  9. Have a question for you. I Detail boats, looking installing boat flooring for nonskid areas. Is there a digital pen that I can sketch the shape of that particular with measurement and it transfer to this software or another?

  10. Nice, straight forward and thorough walkthrough. Brand new to SketchUp. Thank you.

  11. Great Video – Thank You!

  12. Make any 3d floor plan tutorial please if its possible becuse only that video of sketchup you didnt find in youtube

  13. Excellent video. Very practical and helpful tips. Cheers!!!

  14. Question, once I set up the group, layer and entity, When I go back to pull the wall up, I have a locked symbol on the push/pull button. Did I miss something while setting up the groups and layer..
    By the way fantastic videos, I have been playing with sketchup since it was released, but was never really able to figure out how to use.

  15. Once the interior wall grouped, I was not able to delete extra lines on the interior wall. How did you do that? Thank you.

  16. TA !

  17. TeslaRoadsterSpud

    First video I have seen of yours. Earned a like and sub.

  18. I really enjoyed the video, thank you, it's so helpful, but since I couldn't watch it right away, left it open for a couple of days in a tab, and omg, it creeps the sh*t out of me when you say "What's up guys" 😁

  19. This is great! Exactly what I was needing to start sketching floor plans! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  20. Please sir explain v ray settings step by step with practical…. thanks

  21. Love you keepitup👌

  22. I've tried DOZENS of times to rescale my model but the system isn't retaining my measurements!  Help!

  23. Chloë Ebisuzaki

    Love that you created the wall with the push/pull tool, this is what makes sketchup so great is being able to model quickly and almost effortlessly!

  24. Hi Justin!! I am newbie and your videos are very informative 🙂 How would you go about adding a sunken living room and also a "Florida Room" with shorter walls on first floor level?

  25. Tania von Rothkirch

    learning more from your video series than 3 month course at tech school ; )

  26. What software was used for the creation of the layout images?