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Sketchup create Modern House design ( basic for beginner)

Sketchup create Modern House design

Create model by sketchup pro about 2 hour.and use speed vdo

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Sketchup pro 2015 how to create house model in 1.30 hour for beginer

Sketchup Create House model in 1.30 hour

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  1. Alexander Yurloff

    where ladder?

  2. cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 7 hours omfg

  4. It's been 2.30 hours I am working, and I am still on 5:22 minutes on the video. But it is worth it. It is for my DT project.

  5. How many hours took you to do it?

  6. which software is this

  7. Francisco Amoros

    soo awesome but a bit much complicated

  8. To connect with a

  9. Anonymous Playboy

    file this to me

  10. Sudkate Salateped


  11. Jonathan Alejandro Meneses

    esta padre.

  12. do you have any slower than this? hehe!

  13. I love this thanks but it is too fast

  14. Maksat Klyshbek

    Hello,i want to say to you about your some mistakes.In this video you put paint bucket on the measurement tool.So,we can't see the measurement.Please can you remove it,can you put it to another place.And this house is very good.I hope that you will repair it.I need this measurement urgently to finish this house myself!


    love this!