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SketchUp 8 Lessons: Advanced House Building

I show you how to start building a house based on a blueprint, introduce you to layers, FoV (Field of View), show you how to recover deleted components, and how to construct interiors and furnish them as well.

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  1. hour 5

  2. Nazorat Arifdjanova

    Hello Aaron, I downloaded a sketchup and it has a black screen, I guess it's a camera/view. It's showing all the tools though, do You know how to fix that by any chance, Thank you!

  3. Which program do you use?

  4. AutoCAD Training Center

    With expert guidance you can learn in a professional way.

  5. Yofadhli Ahmed Kahirawan

    how come sketch up 8 looks more complex than the newer ones

  6. 7:50 my roof doesn't appear when I draw the rectangle. It is like it draws the lines but not the surface.

  7. pls dont cut out videos. its so confusing

  8. What I didn't understand is what is the action after you draw a line of actual length of the house, how do you scale the image to fit the size of 42' in this case? Thanks

  9. Thanks Aaron. I am just starting to look at SketchUp videos and really trying to soak up some of the information out there. Can you show how to go about the framing of the house and possibly the roof truss.

  10. Peter Johnny Tenay

    What software are you using?

  11. Santosh Kumar Mahapatra


  12. Santosh Kumar Mahapatra

    it is a stoopid app and useless

  13. AWR_BRO Malayalam assistance

    great video 😚😚😚😚

  14. Would you kindly share what are the tools/plugins/extensions that you use? I'm new to sketchup and learned a lot with your technic.

  15. Great video. Thanks a lot 🙂

  16. omg thanku for this vdo. it was very helpful.

  17. omg your voice its so nasal im dying but still helpfull

  18. I love the process of this build, but there is no architectural detail.

  19. Can you please name the extensions which you use in this video.

  20. This was the most helpful video video about how to build a house from a floor plan I've seen all day. Thanks. And thank you for not yammering on like a bunch of other videos. To the point. Love it.

  21. i need this in my life.

  22. Great tutorial…