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SIMPLIFY YOUR HOME IN 4 STEPS | Minimalist Living. What’s up and welcome to Simple Happy Zen! Always wanted a more simple, easy, minimalist home? You don’t need to buy anything new. In this video I share with you the 4 steps that you can take to simplify your home. Especially with the new year comin’ up, it’s the perfect timing to make things easier for ourselves!

Having a simple, minimalist home for me, is all about making it work for you, and not against you. We don’t have to be perfect, if we can make some changes that will make things easier for us. I hope these simple steps will help you out.

How would you rate the simplicity of your home right now, on a scale of 1-10? Let me know and share your experiences in the comments section!

♥ Vera

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  1. Victoria Elander

    Thank you for being such an inspiration, I absolutely love your videos! Keep doing your thing girl, you're gonna change the world!

  2. Thanks for the inspiration….my home is a clutter mess. Hope I have the courage to start somewhere…🙁

  3. thanks for your video which help me alot and i also can english in this vidieo. may i know where are you from? i just enjoy your accent so much because listening so relax

  4. Talking too much

  5. 2:48 What is this plant, please? It looks gorgeous next to the light.

  6. My home is very simple, easy to clean, and a joy to live in.

  7. Julia R. Velho

    Amazing tips. Hugs from Brazil!!

  8. Looking lovely ❤️ and relaxed 😊

  9. I have been watching your playlist, and must say, I am happy for you! I watched a video where you had just over 3,000 viewers and your "goal" was to have 100,000 viewers. I see you made it as at this time you have 108,006!! So happy for you. 🙂

  10. I asked my mom if we could minimalize our home yesterday! We have so much clutter and duplicates and it kinda drives me crazy haha. Thank you for the tips.

  11. 7 if 10 is maximum clutter

  12. Good, I'm not into big or many house plants.

  13. What camera do you use in this video?

  14. kylouisvuitton

    I’ve got 4 kids, a husband and a dog, so the constant noise and activity keeps my home from feeling still and quiet, but I work hard to keep clutter to a minimum, deal with school papers every day before they can pile up, and although our home is busy it is also peaceful and harmonious. I would rate our house an 8. Great video! I’m happy to be a new subscriber!

  15. I get positive energy while watching your videos.

  16. Nice space ideas. Thanks.


  18. Just came across your channel and I have to say you sound way mature for your age. Beautiful video with great tips. Thank you for the reminders!

  19. Hi from South Africa 💥
    I do not ever watch tv no instagram no facebook they steal your time!
    I do yoga twice a week
    Prepare simple meals
    I delegate boring tasks
    Have cancelled membership of organizations i belonged to
    Do more gardening …More fresh air .. more time with precious friends and pets
    Only discovered your channel today and have subscribed!
    Thank you!

  20. simplify your talking

  21. Dora Tiscareno


  22. love your smile – it lifts my mood

  23. Mervi Fiskari-Autio

    New subs here, loving your videos. May I ask how you have Finnish books? Oletko suomalainen?

  24. just love ur videos !

  25. Really enjoying your videos, as I am embarking on getting rid of stuff, and on creating an easier lifestyle without the clutter. I feel my head is clearer, it takes less time to clean and I appreciate the things that I keep, a lot more. My books were the hardest thing to get rid of, but now have most of them on my kindle (which has been the best buy). I would love seeing a video on an apartment tour or maybe makeup, clothing etc. Thanks again from Australia

  26. Are you dutch? Xxx

  27. sulpicia tintajoel

    You're so calm and you give me serenity, thanks

  28. Get to the point

  29. AFTER raising a family and have grown children who live out on their own now, I live in a lovely 2 bedroom 1 bath condo apt with washer/dryer, dishwasher and huge wrap around veranda deck down the road from the beach! I happen to be a bookaholic and those books are the hardest to part with although I have gotten rid of a few lately! I'm also a professional artist and pianist/composer so I have an art studio and lots of canvases in my art studio. I'm always working on organizing and trying to go more minimalist but I don't want my home looking like some barren motel room! I have a fireplace as well and love having seashells and starfish around a bit! I LOVE earth elements and want to have a few plants around, not a lot. I have two cats and will have to get artificial silk plants which thankfully look real these days and no watering! I do love those cacti you shared, beautiful! I hope to look at my home someday soon and see a more clearer space although now it has lots of charm and coziness. It's not as cluttery as some people's homes as I'm not a hoarder…trying to find a nice happy medium! Great video and will check out your other ones as well…thanks!

  30. Great Video!! I Subscribed!!

  31. Found your tips so simple and functional, nice video, thanks

  32. cherry maniego

    Very informative and simple steps 👍

  33. I love the concept of making a room work for me and not the other way around. Thanks!

  34. As a proud maximalist (There are art books on this.), I do not want to give up things that bring back anything I love in my long life.  Why minimize if you don't have to?  I still travel a lot, eat well, and have happy thoughts.  I enjoy buying books and reading them.  I bring in about 10 books a month and have done so for years, and yes, I have given about 100 books away too.  I like to do things naturally and organically, not pushing myself in a tizzy.  I do appreciate the minimalist style and approach tho.  I am just not ready.  As one book says, instead of downsizing, right size your life.  What is right for you?

  35. That's so true about getting rid of stuff makes you feel lighter and clears your mind.

  36. loved the way, you explain the concept